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I Never Took Sick Days as a Kid: Don’t Make Excuses


Happy Monday! I am currently in Houston nursing a heck of a cough. It started in Haiti. Day one, I felt pains in my joints, cold sweats, and an uncharacteristic loss of appetite. I powered through, doing a meet n greet in Port au Prince (pix to come), then waking up at 7am every day with the rest of the group, drinking Emergen-C and taking naps as I could. Then it was back to NYC for all Eyez on Me.…

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Claire’s Life: Bevelations with Bevy Smith Wearing a Nicole Shante Black Dress and Azzedine Alaia Sandals + What We Could All Learn from Bevy Smith


Happy Friday!! A few days ago, I was honored to appear on Bevy Smith’s Sirius XM show, Bevelations. A lot of you might know Bevy from Bravo’s Fashion Queens, but I came up in the industry knowing her as one of the most connected, most beloved fixtures in media, fashion, and entertainment. I remember I first met her back in 2005. I literally harassed her to meet with me (I e-mailed her several times, and pulled every card out of…

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The Bomb Life 101: Remembering My Aunt Andrea in an N. Natori Kimono from Lord & Taylor


My Aunt Andrea has passed away and joined the angels in heaven. She was battling illness for quite some time and may now Rest in Peace. While reading over her obituary, one thing that stood out to me was her love of shopping. She loved to shop! Her favorite past time was perusing the racks at Lord & Taylor (it runs in the family, apparently). Perhaps it’s eerie or just coincidental that my event last Saturday was at Lord &…

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The Bomb Life 101: A Quick Note About Respect and Bossing Up!


This weekend had me thinking about RESPECT. One can have money. One can have power or influence. But without respect, they have nothing. I began thinking about this after Lemon Gate at Del Frisco’s. The waitress, for some reason, thought it was ok to disrespect me. I’m generally a sweet and nice person. But in that moment, I had to check her and be a little…curt so that she could understand that I’m not the one. A lot of times…

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The Bomb Life 101: It’s Important to Remember Why You Started; Wearing a Balmain Blazer, Striped J.Crew Pants, and Givenchy Sandals


I’m a creative person, though I think it’s taken me a while to ‘claim’ that. I always feel like I’m more practical and business minded…. creative isn’t an adjective I’d use to describe myself. My life is busy (y’all see me popping on and off of planes and moonlighting at various events). But this Memorial Day weekend, I had a rare moment of silence. I didn’t have one backyard BBQ or late night bashment to attend, so I started planning…

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