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Reflections on When Love Kills, The Falicia Blakely Story: I Was In an Abusive Relationship (But Thank GOD, I Got Out)

Last night, I attended a screening for TV One’s new movie, When Love Kills. Lil Mama plays Falicia Blakely, a young, impressionable woman who prostitutes herself, steals, and kills to secure the love of an abusive man named Big Dino (played by Lance Gross). While watching it, I couldn’t help but draw similarities to my last relationship. Like Big Dino, my ex was extremely charming and super loving at first. He told me I was his everything and that we…

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Sunday Sermon: Learning How to Look the Devil in the Eye and Say NO in an Ashhsastore Top, Rayar Chain Denim Jeans, and Christian Louboutin Pumps

Being nice is a double edged sword. The positives? You presume people will like you, find you friendly, and pleasant to be around. It also feels good to be nice! The negatives are that you feel bad not giving people what they want and can sometimes be taken advantage of. Niceness sometimes is a weakness that people with ulterior motives can misuse. Because you want to be nice, you might let things fly you don’t want to. If you want…

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The Bomb Life 101: The Business of Blogging (Get it in Writing)

Blogging is fun and for many it is a fulfilling hobby! But then there comes a point when you start to make money from blogging. Then your blog becomes a business. There are many mistakes we make as beginning business owners. And most of them are expensive, lesson learning, wish-I-had-known-that-before mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not paying the IRS (just because you are in your basement writing on your laptop doesn’t mean the US government…

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Happy Friday! Be Encouraged! Wearing a Swank a Posh Shirt, Frame Denim Jeans, and Tnemnroda Sunglasses

TGIF! I’m up early on this balmy Friday to get ready for my bridesmaid duties in my cousin’s wedding! Being a bridesmaid is an honor, but it’s no easy task! But I’m taking it in stride. I have about 9 minutes before I go into hair and makeup, but wanted to leave you a small note of encouragement. Yes, I’ve dealt with some frustrations and exhaustion recently…but I’ve also been presented with opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. My college has…

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The Bomb Life 101: Finding Your Purpose

So I’ll admit it. While I love to indulge in Love and Hip Hop and Real Housewives, I now spend a lot of time watching the greats via YouTube. OBVIOUSLY one of my faves is Queen Oprah. Below, she spoke to Stanford students on Finding Your Purpose in Life and Living Your Dream. It’s a must watch. The most poignant point that stood out to me was when she said, “When You Align Your Personality With Your Purpose No One…

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