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A Thank You Note to Black Women


Growing up, I never had one ‘official’ mentor. My first mentor was my brother, who encouraged me to apply to Harvard, and helped guide me along the application process. After him, there’s not one person I could pinpoint as my big M ‘Mentor.’ Just loads of women who were cool with taking my phone calls, meeting up for coffee, or responding to an email when I had a question. Now as a small business owner and an entrepreneur, sometimes I…

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Sunday Reflection: Kelly Rowland In Sunday Life Mag: “Outwork Everybody”


Happy Sunday! As I type I’m in Houston, prepping to leave for the airport in a few minutes. My Houston trip was pretty impactful. I learned about a great organization called Smahrt Girl that mentors underserved teens, and also provides them with character building, career planning/workplace training, and leadership programs. I spoke to them yesterday, encouraging them to go for their dreams, then helped them to pick out prom dresses. It was amazing to give back and I know I…

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The Bomb Life: I Wore a Sheer Dress Last Night and a French Guy Called Me Fat (I’m Losing 20 Pounds in 90 Days)


So last night, Kelley, Ty, and I met to discuss the next Cocktails with Claire x Ty Hunter (it’s going down in New York, and we’re thinking of May 14th–would you guys come to a Mother’s Day event?!?). Anyhoo, Kelley invited the team to a CFDA x Lexus event that evening. I heard CFDA and got excited and decided to do it up with makeup by Loso and a ‘Queen of the Night’ dress by Shop Eshe (gifted to me…

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The Bomb Life 101: Ask and Ye Shall Receive + I’m Coming to Houston this Weekend!


Happy Wednesday, folks! I just got back to New York after spending over two weeks in California!! Like Paris, I wanted to to go LA to see how I felt. Though I had some lonely spells, some happy times, and some WTF moments, I know that LA will be a great move for me. It looks like the Fall will be my best bet. It’s perfect–I’ll leave just in time for temperatures to drop in NYC! I wondered what I…

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The Bomb Life 101: You Have to Pay Your Dues

tibi skirt what am i wearing the bomb life

It’s not Throwback Thursday, but I felt compelled to leave a little Bomb Life 101 note today, perhaps inspired by our informative Breaking into Fashion Panel at Cocktails with Claire x Ty Hunter LA. The premise and subject are simple: Pay Your Dues. A lot of people might see me now poppin tags or throwing poppin parties, and perhaps forget that I’ve been doing this for over 10 years, and am just now enjoying some of the fruits of my…

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