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On What to Wear and What Not to Wear to Essence Fest featuring Kimberly Goldson, Fe Noel, and More!

Visit to read my personal reflections on the best things to wear and what not to wear to Essence Fest! After years of getting it wrong wearing stuff that was too hot and heels that were too high… I think this year, I might’ve gotten it right! Read more and subscribe at *Get my bags at Find outfit info at the State of Fashion! Images: Drea Nicole Photography/Visuals by Pierre…

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The Bomb Life Eleuthera, Bahamas Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Do, What to See (Be Prepared for the Frog Sounds at Night!)

Happy Friday, Bomb Lifers! I am currently sitting in Atlanta airport on a gnarly (!) 3 hour layover, and figured: what better time than now to tell you about my recent trip to Eleuthera, Bahamas? As many of you may know, my mother is from Nassau, Bahamas, and we have family on Nassau, Andros, Long Island, and Eleuthera. While we normally go to Nassau to see our family, we decided to switch it up for this trip to my motherland.…

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The Truth About Being a CEO on Vacation: 5 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know If They Want to Take a Break

Happy Wednesday! I am currently in the beautiful Bahamas, lapping up the sun and sand in a beautiful tree lined enclave. While I have been posting from here on my Instagram @ClaireSulmers, here’s the first thing you should know about being a CEO on Vacation: No One Cares That’s right. Customers waiting on merchandise don’t care that you need a mental break. Advertisers still want their ad posted. There is a phrase that to whom much is given much is…

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It Gets Greater Later: Wisdom from Bevy Smith and Her Ted Talk With Phillip Bloch, Ty Hunter, and Terrell Jones

Last Friday, I attended a viewing party for Bevy Smith, who recently did a Ted Talk entitled, “It Gets Greater Later.” In the talk, she describes how it took her 55 years to find her most authentic self, and also achieve career goals, which include being an award winning radio host, an author, and an actress. I was blessed to be in the building for her viewing party, which was chock full of great people, including Terrell Jones (stylist to…

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Put Yourself First: On Chicago’s Oak Drive Wearing a Camouflage Zamar Lewis Jumpsuit and Gucci Accessories

It’s noon. And so far, I have posted 2 articles to and 5 posts to our Instagram. It was only when I was about to post 2 additional articles to our website that I realized I had done nothing for my brand. So here I am. So here I am! Just a quick outfit recap of what I wore to have dinner on Oak Drive, the Rodeo Drive of Chicago. This picture was lensed by Jason McCoy in front…

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