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Don’t Fall for This Venmo Scam: Stranger Sends You Money By Mistake and Asks for It to be Sent Back!

Hey Hey Guys!

So one of my most viral posts on this here blog was about a scam I almost fell for where someone claiming they were David LaChapelle asked me to do a photo shoot. I got so many wonderful messages and comments, I felt compelled to tell you about a scam I almost fell for just a few weeks ago!

So a young stylist contacted me out of the blue, saying he had sent me $400 by mistake. The young man’s name seemed familiar, but he was not saved in my phone. Long story short, he was not in my close friend’s circle, so him sending me money was….bizarre.

I was on a flight when I received the message, but as soon as I landed, I went to refund him the money. But for some reason, the $400 did not reflect in my balance, and Venmo flagged for me to complete the refund using my bank account. When I couldn’t send it right back, the guy asked me to send the funds via Zelle or Cashapp. RED FLAG!

It seems that with this scam, the person appears to send money, but they don’t, leaving you deducting this random amount from your bank account or sending them money for NOTHING.

Since I had been down this road before, I contacted Venmo directly and had them cancel the transaction themselves. Apparently this happens so much, they have a whole help page on it:

If this should happen to you, you do the same.

Contact Venmo and have them handle it. Don’t allow this random stranger to rush your process. I waited for Venmo to cancel the transaction, and then I blocked them!

Don’t fall for this scam! Let me know about some scams you side stepped below.

Love & Light,

*Feel free to Venmo anytime if you enjoy the content haha. Just No takesies backsies!

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