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Claire’s Life: Trying on Wedding Dresses with Matopeda Atelier, One of Nigeria’s #1 Gown Designers

I went to Lagos, Nigeria for the first time in 2015 and absolutely loved it! While there, I was showered with gifts and love, and had the pleasure of meeting designer Tope of Matopeda. At the time, she was making some red carpet gowns, but mainly ready to wear. I’ve worn her brand many times…! So when she told me she was in New York and wanted me to come and try dresses on, I said sure! Though she hadn’t…

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African-American Excitement over Shows like Young, Famous, and African, and Real Housewives Of Lagos Demonstrate a Need to Reconnect with Our Long Lost Cousins

There are two new shows, all about Africa, that are coming to streaming services near you: Netflix’s Young, Famous, and African, featuring South African black elite, and Showmax Naija’s The Real Housewives of Lagos, which takes a peek into the lives of wealthy women of Nigeria. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Fashion Bomb Daily (@fashionbombdaily) The excitement over these shows, particularly on Fashion Bomb Daily, has been palpable. Over 8,000 followers liked the trailer of Young,…

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The Bomb Life Dakar Senegal Travel Guide: Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to Do

Happy Christmas Eve! I just returned from a quick but bomb visit to beautiful Dakar, Senegal! My friends and I planned a 40th birthday trip to celebrate our collective born days, as most of us rang in our personal New Years at home. We spent 5 days sunning, eating, and discovering all the beautiful gems the fabulous country has to offer. Read on for a quick Bomb Life guide of Where to Stay, What to do, and What to see…

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This is 40: 5 Reflections on Love and Life in Nigerian Designer Tope FNR Crystal Mesh Dress, Flaunt ALT Earrings, and Jennifer Le Glaciar Pumps

So on January 12th, I celebrated my 40th Birthday!!! Celebrating a milestone birthday during Quarantine is not ideal, but I felt allll the love through my phone!! I had a wonderful day full of flowers and gifts, topped off by a birthday dinner (outside) with some of my oldest friends. I am headed somewhere warm tomorrow to continue the celebration! As I reflect on my FORTY YEARS ON THIS EARTH (OMG), I have 5 lessons I’ve learned that I’d love…

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The Bomb Life x DZRPT TV: Interviewing Nigerian Bombshell Toke Makinwa about Love, Loss, and Her Book Becoming

Happy Tuesday! While I was in Nigeria, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing radio personality and social media superstar Toke Makinwa, in a special partnership with DZRPT TV: With 978K followers on Instagram, Toke is one of the hottest Bombshells in Lagos (many people I spoke to likened her to the Nigerian Kim Kardashian). She recently published a book called ‘Becoming’ which talks about her journey, and her struggles in dealing with a very public break up with a…

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