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5 Things To Do If You Live on the Ground Floor and Have a Flood

5 years ago, I moved into a duplex in Brooklyn that I thought would be my long term home (read about it here). I mean, the space was chic and spacious, something that is typically hard to find in New York, the city of the shoebox apartment. While I reveled in the space, and made myself comfortable with the top floor/basement combo, I quickly learned that having a lower level to your home comes with serious issues. The most pernicious…

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If You Want to Make Money, Wear A Suit! The Gospel According to Rupaul + 10 Times I’ve Worn a Suit

A few weeks ago, I came under (light) fire for agreeing with Monique about black women wearing bonnets in the airport. I personally felt that we could do better in terms of representing ourselves outwardly–to command respect! I didn’t take the time to read many comments (though I think someone called me self loathing!), but it’s crazy how you can say one little thing that doesn’t go along with the crowd and get attacked for it! At any rate, perhaps…

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Claire’s Life: I’m on a Billboard in Times Square for The Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab

While I’m a very public person, I am actually quite private, keeping my most precious ‘business’ to myself. However, once my Times Square Billboard went up celebrating the members of the 2021 Winter Cohort of the Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab, I had to let the cat out of the bag! What’s the Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab? It’s a business incubator that selects a small number of applicants to offer them an investment, weekly business advice, and connections. I…

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The Bomb Life Boutique Spotlight: If You’re Busty, Go to Iris Lingerie For Bras and Shapewear

Today I paid a visit to Iris Lingerie (366 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217), one of my favorite places to get Bras, Pajamas, and Shape wear . As you all are aware, I have Big Boobs. The good Lord has blessed me with Girls that ain’t going nowhere. Having the proper undergarments is KEY to having a fabulous look! Iris is a Belize born bomb business woman who can tell your bust size just by looking at you! If you…

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5 Few Things You Should Know Before You Take Photos at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a hidden gem, perfect for admiring beautiful blooms, cozying up to flowering trees, and if you’re an influencer, taking pix (hello!). It’s almost as if the flowers, particularly resplendent in the Spring, are quietly beseeching you to strike a pose in front of their gorgeous petals. Taking professional photos inside the expansive garden is possible, but you’ll need to know a few things before you go: You have to buy tickets. This is kind of…

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