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Claire’s Life: Everyday People 2017 at South Street Seaport in a James Press Tee, Suno Skirt, and Karen Civil x K Swiss Sneakers

Happy Sunday, folks! I am checking in from beautiful LA! I’ll be here all week, doing what I do (gathering great content). I’ll also be attending the MTV VMAs for the first time, thanks to a new partnership with Revolt TV! Weee! Before I hopped on my Jetblue flight, I popped into Everyday People, a party series that welcomes all kinds of stylish folks to dance, drink, duttywine, and live the Bomb Life! I was commissioned to take photos for…

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I Love Sneakers: At ASAP Ferg’s Pop Up Shop Wearing Gucci and Shiekh Shoes Iva Sneaker

I’m always that girl complaining about her sore feet. I wear heels A LOT, and have had bunion surgery. Which means, there is a time limit on footwear when I pop into parties, and once my dogs start to barking, I am ret to go! Shiekh Shoes was kind enough to send me their new Iva Sneakers (retail $70) in five different colors. Their only request: for me to style one pair with something I’d wear on the day to…

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Reflections on When Love Kills, The Falicia Blakely Story: I Was In an Abusive Relationship (But Thank GOD, I Got Out)

Last night, I attended a screening for TV One’s new movie, When Love Kills. Lil Mama plays Falicia Blakely, a young, impressionable woman who prostitutes herself, steals, and kills to secure the love of an abusive man named Big Dino (played by Lance Gross). While watching it, I couldn’t help but draw similarities to my last relationship. Like Big Dino, my ex was extremely charming and super loving at first. He told me I was his everything and that we…

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Claire’s Life: 30 Days of Fitness until New York Fashion Week

Happy Tuesday! If you’ve been following my Instastory or Snapchat, you’d know that I am 8 days in to a self imposed workout plan, affectionately dubbed 30 days of fitness until #NYFW. That’s right. I am working out every single day until the shows begin. My work outs entail training sessions with Rustin Steward (above), slow trots/fast walks through the streets, and precipitous Citibike cycling, risking life and limb. I’ve also changed my diet! I’ve eliminated meat (yes, I watched…

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Sunday Sermon: Learning How to Look the Devil in the Eye and Say NO in an Ashhsastore Top, Rayar Chain Denim Jeans, and Christian Louboutin Pumps

Being nice is a double edged sword. The positives? You presume people will like you, find you friendly, and pleasant to be around. It also feels good to be nice! The negatives are that you feel bad not giving people what they want and can sometimes be taken advantage of. Niceness sometimes is a weakness that people with ulterior motives can misuse. Because you want to be nice, you might let things fly you don’t want to. If you want…

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