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Throwback Thursday: My Shoot with Mario Epanya + Revisiting the Idea of Vogue Africa

My Shoot with Mario Epanya

You know how on Facebook, they now show you memories from years back? The following images of my shoot with Paris based photographer and makeup artist Mario Epanya bubbled onto my feed earlier this week. And I was so into my ‘Yassss’ mode that I made it a cover photo for my personal Facebook page. Mario and I met back in 2010 when I lived in Paris. Mr. Epanya was in the news at the moment for imagining covers of…

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The Bomb Life: Fashion Bomb Daily x Miss Diddy LA’s Reebok Influencer Dinner Co-Hosted by Toya Wright and Tammy Rivera

the bomb life rasheedah miss diddy claire sulmers toya wright monyetta shaw

Happy Tuesday, folks! So in addition to our Cocktails with Claire and Miss Diddy events, Miss Diddy and I have collaborated on a dinner series, which brings together powerful, influential, bomb men and women to break bread and build! Our first Influencer Dinner was in LA and last night we took our talents to my hometown of Atlanta for a fabulous dinner, sponsored by Reebok, and co-hosted by Toya Wright and Tammy Rivera. The dress code was Reebok, so guests…

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The Bomb Life 101: The Importance of Hitting the Refresh Button

claire sulmers fashion bomb daily refresh button msgm jacket ysl bag tom ford pumps

So I know I had promised a Cuba travel guide, but life got in the way…! Most of you will go to La Havana, and I provided a pretty detailed run down here. Otherwise, definitely visit CienFuegos, Trinidad, and Vinales (the beach) should you find yourself in Cuba. The cities are small enough to explore in a day or two, and you will LIVE! I’ve been in NYC for a week, and am already back into the swing of things,…

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The Bomb Life 101: Reflections on the USA vs. Cuba’s Stance on Guns and Racism in Light of Mass Shootings in Orlando

claire sulmers fashion bomb daily cuba no violence no racism

When I touched back down in the States this weekend, my Facebook timeline was flooded with sickening, heart wrenching news: 50 gay men were killed in a mass shooting in Orlando. 50 more were injured. All by one man with evil intent and free access to a gun. Cuba is far from perfect. Mostly everything is crumbling or in disrepair. People don’t have the trappings of wealth or first world excess. But what impressed me the most about Cuba was…

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The Bomb Life Havana, Cuba Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Do, What to See

cuba featured image claire sulmers fashion bomb daily

Happy Monday, Bombshells! I’m currently in Trinidad, Cuba, using the last few minutes on my Etesca Wifi Card to write you about my experience thus far in Cuba! We’ve only been here for a few days, but I am already deep, deep in love. The country is beautiful, the food is delish, and the history is what really makes Cuba one of the most interesting places I’ve ever visited. When you touch down, you instantly see loads of 50’s and…

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