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A Quick Note About Glowing Up: Wearing Aminah Abdul Jillil Crystal Bow Pumps at ATT’s Humanity of Connection Event

This was me, yesterday. Same woman, 10 years ago. Many times, we get frustrated because we have big dreams that we’ve yet to attain. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of time, and perfect timing. The Claire from 10 years ago was walking these same New York City streets, in cheap shoes with broken heels. I was made fun of for wearing cheap shoes. A fellow blogging colleague actually said I couldn’t know anything about fashion because I was never able…

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1 In Claire's Life/ Givenchy/ Style

Claire’s Life: Visiting MalMaison D.C.and GoodDay DC with Paul Wharton in a Givenchy Bambi Sweatshirt and Givenchy Red Boots

Good Day, New York! Yesterday, I flew to DC for the day (grueling, took the 6am flight and flew home at 5pm) to film a Day in the Life video with TV Host and Author Paul Wharton! Paul is a FORCE! He has an infectious, electric energy, and is the definition of a fabulously poised professional. It was a joy and an inspiration to watch him work! After, my event planner Steven and I stopped by the Convos with Claire…

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3 In Claire's Life/ Gucci/ Jennifer Le/ L'Impasse Boutique/ Style

Brunch Life Chose Me: Wearing a L’Impasse Boutique Fur and Leather Jacket, Gucci Monogram Belt Bag, and Jennifer Le Booties

I’m back in NYC! Of course one of my first moves was to schedule brunch w my homies to catch them up on all my travels. It’s still chilly in NYC, so I slipped a L’Impasse Boutique jacket over a simple cream turtleneck and jeans. I went ahead and treated myself to a Gucci Monogram fanny pack during a down day in Atlanta (I had to have it after putting it on my lust list), and finished with Gucci shades.…

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0 In Claire's Life/ Eudoxie/ Featured/ S. Denton/ Sammy B/ Style

Claire’s Life: Celebrating International Women’s Day with Keri Hilson, Eudoxie Bridges, Monyetta Shaw, and More in An S. Denton Collection Sequin Suit

Hey Guys! So last week, I popped into Atlanta to visit my family and rest up after my various travels. Of course I can’t go anywhere without popping onto the scene! So when my homegirl Jessica Burns invited me to an International Women’s Day luncheon, I said “Sure!” The event was hosted by the beautiful Eudoxie, with the goal of bringing dynamic women together to share stories and brainstorm how we can all support each other in a more meaningful…

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2 In Bomb Life 101

Bomb Life 101: 5 Things College & Your Parents Won’t Tell You About ‘The Real World’

When I was in college, I’ll admit, I was idealistic. Armed with knowledge about the inequities in society, I was determined to make a change! The ‘real world’ seemed like my oyster–an open playing field where I could make a lasting impression. College nor my parents could prepare me for the reality of living and working in America. As the theme song in Malcolm in the Middle goes, “Life is Unfair.” Behold, 5 truths I’ve discovered post graduation: 1. Having…

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