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The Bomb Life 101: When Things Get Tough, Don’t Quit, Just Evolve (And Outsource)

Happy Thursday, y’all! I’ve been taking all this week to just…be lazy. Cocktails with Claire can take a lot out of me, so I needed a few days to decompress. Sleep in. Catch up on all my trashy TV. And just do…whatever I felt like doing. We all know that blogging/content creation is a serious grind and only the strong survive. But when you feel like throwing in the towel, don’t quit: just evolve. I wore my “I’m the Boss”…

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The Bomb Life 101: 10 Tips for Creating a Successful Event

Happy Tuesday, folks! Our last Cocktails with Claire x Ty Hunter of 2017 went down this past Saturday in Atlanta! My fellow blogging Bombshell @GorgeousinGrey hit me up, writing, “You’ve come so far with Cocktails with Claire! I wanna incorporate an event series, but I’m scared. Do you have a post with advice? Or can you offer me some?” Yep, I can! Cocktails with Claire began as a notion, or rather a demand to actually meet n greet readers in…

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The Bomb Life Business 101: Invest in Yourself, Lessons from Cocktails with Claire

Hey Y’all! So I’m in the midst of writing my new book, and I think the last part will offer a bunch of business tips (maybe). In order to run a business, you have to learn business, and I’ve learned a few lessons along the years. One big lesson I’ve learned is about the importance of investing in yourself. By invest in yourself, I mean invest in your brand. Pay for that expensive photographer or videographer even though it pains…

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Ask Claire: Can You Be Successful in Both Business and Love?

It’s been a while since I’ve answered an “Ask Claire” query! But something about a message @Allyd26 sent me on Snapchat struck a nerve, and whoop here I am. She wrote, “This is a random question, but have you found it incredibly challenging being black woman and an entrepreneur? I’m just wondering if you have gone through some of the same challenges as I have…I’m 28 and still single. I have two successful businesses but I haven’t been able to…

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So Much To Be Thankful For: Kicking it on the Upper East Side and Le Bilboquet With Cuppy and Kelley

Happy Thanksgiving, Bomb Lifers! I’m currently in an Uber, getting work done as I settle in for a 2 hour ride to New Jersey! I was too busy living life to drive down with my family, and whoop here I am. I decided to dedicate the ride to updating The Bomb Life and reflecting on GOD’s many blessings. Yesterday, I grabbed a drink with DJ Cuppy, a Nigerian entertainer whose latest single, Greenlight, recently hit 2 million views on Youtube!…

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