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Let’s Get One Thing Straight: I’m not a Groupie; Partying with Fantasia, BBD, and More in Hot Pink Sergio Hudson and Purple Balenciaga Boots

Groupie A young woman, often under age, who seeks to achieve status by having sex with rock musicians, roadies, security, and other band-related guys. Source: The Urban Dictionary Last night called for loads of holiday parties, and I was on the Scene! My first stop was an epic fete at Le Bain at the Standard, which featured a BBD performance (that I recorded on IG stories–catch it before it’s gone!). I partied it up with Nina Cooper, Kim Hatchett, Crystal…

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Claire’s Life: Synergy with Calyann Barnett & Khalilah Beavers + American Express Success Makers with Solange Knowles and Virgil Abloh in Off White

I strongly believe that there is a black renaissance underway. People of color are making significant strides in music, television, and entertainment, telling nuanced tales from our point of view–and enjoying unprecedented success. We’re becoming more open to collaborations and building each other from within. It’s with that spirit I set out yesterday to meet Calyann Barnett & Khalilah Beavers, stylists to all star athletes Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Usain Bolt, and more. We’re cooking up some great collaborations for…

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The Importance of Giving Back: Our Coat Drive and Wardrobe Sale at Harlem Capital Prep This Saturday!

Hey Guys! This Saturday, I’ll be hosting a coat drive and clothing sale at Harlem Capital Prep located at 1 E 104th St, New York, NY 10029. This partnership came together thusly: as many of you know, I am moving to LA in January and have been purging my closet. I’ve been a bit of a hoarder, I must admit, and with all the swag I get, my spacious apartment was drowning in clothes, shoes, you name it. I invited…

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The Bomb Life 101: When Things Get Tough, Don’t Quit, Just Evolve (And Outsource)

Happy Thursday, y’all! I’ve been taking all this week to just…be lazy. Cocktails with Claire can take a lot out of me, so I needed a few days to decompress. Sleep in. Catch up on all my trashy TV. And just do…whatever I felt like doing. We all know that blogging/content creation is a serious grind and only the strong survive. But when you feel like throwing in the towel, don’t quit: just evolve. I wore my “I’m the Boss”…

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The Bomb Life 101: 10 Tips for Creating a Successful Event

Happy Tuesday, folks! Our last Cocktails with Claire x Ty Hunter of 2017 went down this past Saturday in Atlanta! My fellow blogging Bombshell @GorgeousinGrey hit me up, writing, “You’ve come so far with Cocktails with Claire! I wanna incorporate an event series, but I’m scared. Do you have a post with advice? Or can you offer me some?” Yep, I can! Cocktails with Claire began as a notion, or rather a demand to actually meet n greet readers in…

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