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Kim Kardashian, Robbery, and the Pitfalls of Flaunting Wealth on Social Media

We all know the Kardashian/Jenners are rich. Very, very rich.
They flaunt their wealth unabashedly, rocking $2,000 blazers, opulent furs, diamonds, and $10,000 bags as casually as one would rock jeans and a t-shirt.
Stolen glances into their closet reveal rows and rows of sumptuous shoes, amounting to thousands if not millions of dollars.
Thus, when news of Kim Kardashian getting held at gunpoint and robbed of $10 million dollars worth of jewelry erupted over the news, many felt sorry for her, but few were shocked. The woman owns a $4.5 million ring that could feed several families and their progeny for years.
What we love most about the Kardashian/Jenners is their aspirational qualities. They live a life of unfettered luxury, and we gleefully watch their every move and outfit change (even the baby wears fur!).
The downside, however, is envy; and attracting people who appreciate their money so much that they want it for themselves.
I’ve noticed similar things happen to me (though I have nothing close to Kardashian/Jenner money, but a girl can dream!). If you look like you have money, all grades of people will come and try to take it. Whether they’re pitching you a product you don’t need or offering services for an elevated fee and not following through. As Biggie said, mo money, mo problems, and one of the biggest problem resides in other people who might come and try to steal what you’ve worked hard for.
Once, I wanted to finally give Fashion Bomb Daily a fresh new design, so enlisted the help of a web designer who promised me the sun and the moon. He ended up charging me $25,000 to install what I later found out was a $100 theme. I was incensed when I discovered I’d been had, but when I looked at his quacked out agreement, I realized I had no cause to pursue a case against him in court. Meanwhile, he doesn’t care if I never refer him for another job again! He is $25,000 richer, and off to the next victim.
So you learn better and do better. Sometimes you make expensive mistakes. Thankfully Kim is unharmed. And I’m sure she’s now beefed up on her security!
And for others, beef up on your intuitive security as well. Be very discerning. Make sure someone is giving you the best price. Ask for references. If someone is doing work for you, make sure you have clear objectives and goals, and if they don’t meet them, you don’t have to pay. Protect yourself!
It’s all a matter of experience and learning that some people who admire your nice things might also be scheming to take them right from under your nose.
Love + Light,
**The other option is to not show so much on social media. Maybe keep things to yourself, though most people are attracted to shiny things like magpies, and in fashion, the blingier and more luxurious the better. What do you think?

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