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Confessions of an 80’s Baby / Antique Millenial: Truth is I’m Tired (Tik Tok and Instagram Angst)

As I sit here, prepping to go for a run (more like a walk!), I’ve been reflecting on the dynamic nature of the media industry and how every day it seems harder and harder to keep up with the latest platfoms. I came into this industry in the era of print journalism. The glossies and weeklies reigned supreme. I actually worked as a fact checker at a magazine because unlike today, when you can just click ‘edit’ to update an…

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The Truth About Being a CEO on Vacation: 5 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know If They Want to Take a Break

Happy Wednesday! I am currently in the beautiful Bahamas, lapping up the sun and sand in a beautiful tree lined enclave. While I have been posting from here on my Instagram @ClaireSulmers, here’s the first thing you should know about being a CEO on Vacation: No One Cares That’s right. Customers waiting on merchandise don’t care that you need a mental break. Advertisers still want their ad posted. There is a phrase that to whom much is given much is…

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It Gets Greater Later: Wisdom from Bevy Smith and Her Ted Talk With Phillip Bloch, Ty Hunter, and Terrell Jones

Last Friday, I attended a viewing party for Bevy Smith, who recently did a Ted Talk entitled, “It Gets Greater Later.” In the talk, she describes how it took her 55 years to find her most authentic self, and also achieve career goals, which include being an award winning radio host, an author, and an actress. I was blessed to be in the building for her viewing party, which was chock full of great people, including Terrell Jones (stylist to…

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Fashion Bomb Hair 101: 5 Things A Black Girl Should Know Before Getting a Perfect Platinum Pixie

In January, after playing with a short dark cut for several months, I decided to take the plunge and get a hairstyle I had long dreamed of: A Perfect Platinum Pixie. I initially cut my hair because I wanted to have a style I could rock in between wig installs, but then I went and fell in love. As a black woman with baby fine hair, this is probably one of the worst hairstyles I could have chosen! But I’m…

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Did you See me as a Bartender on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live? Your Biggest Comeback Comes After Your Greatest Setback (If You’re Feeling Down, Read This)

Happy Monday! Last night, I appeared on one of my favorite shows, Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, as a bartender! Normally bartenders literally just stand there and smile (you know I did my research!), but I was able to chat a little bit during the actual show and the after show, which you can check out below: Thank GOD I didn’t look like what I had just been though. Last week was one of the hardest in my career. I…

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