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I’m Going Underground + No Meat for At Least 3 Weeks (Wanna Join Me?)

Hey Bomb Lifers!!
So I’m on a deadline to finish my forthcoming book, which will loosely be called The Bomb Life (duh). It’s going to be about how I turned a blog into a business and I have 8 chapters to go!! My goal is to finish it this week, thus I will be going off the radar to get my type on, only emerging twice a day to check my e-mail and phone. Seems hard, but I remember when I was in Cuba, we had no wifi, and it wasn’t that hard.
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I’m also going to stop eating meat. I’ve noticed that sometimes I’m tired for no reason! After doing some research, I found that meat can slow you down, mainly because your body is taking up so much energy breaking it down. Lord knows I love chicken, sausage biscuits, and turkey burgers, but for my week of focus, I’m just gonna try vegetarianism and see how it feels.
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After doing even more research, I found that meat can cause cancer, death, food born illness…child. I’m just gonna try to ween myself off of meat! Gotta start somewhere, so this week is when it’s gonna happen! Then I’m gonna try to keep it poppin for the whole month. Thankfully I am an ambassador for Eat Clean Bro, and they have lots of vegetarian and seafood options.
So…there it goes. No meat for the month of October (or least the next 3 weeks). Should be interesting. I’ll tell you how that goes.
And I’ve fallen off with the 5am rule, but it’s back in effect. Let’s get it poppin, people!
And wish me luck with this book:)
Love + Light,

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