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The Bomb Life: 10 Travel Essentials for Long Plane Rides

Flying to Australia was hands down one of the longest flights ever!
With 6 hours to the West Coast, plus another 14 to Australia, you are on a plane or in an airport for almost 24 hours.
I travel quite frequently, and there are a few essentials that keep me both happy and healthy for the long haul.
Check out my top 10:
Claire Sulmers Fashion Bomb Daily Travel Essentials Beats by Dre Neck Pillow Burt's Bees Urban Outfitters Journal Yosi Samra Flats
1. A big ol bottle of water.
I have never stared so lustfully at bottles of water as I did when on my flight from Australia back home. I felt like someone parched in the desert, aching for liquids to quench my thirst–and flight attendants weren’t running to and fro with jugs of water. To avoid irritation, make sure you get one of those liter bottles before you hop on, and sip as needed. Apparently riding for so long is tremendously dehydrating, as air in the cabin is usually dryer than normal. Bonus: staying hydrated is apparently one of the keys to minimizing jetlag.

2. Some sort of neck pillow or even a body pillow if you can wrangle it.
Travel Pillow
Unless you’re traveling in business class, you will undoubtedly be in some sort of uncomfortable seated position for the majority of the time. You could try to make it work with the provided pillows and blankets, but do yourself a favor and bring something sturdy and comfortable to help you doze better.

3. Neutrogena Facial Wipes.
Neutrogena Makeup Remove Wipes
I always wear just a little makeup to the airport (gotta keep it cute!); but when you’re airborne, who really cares, right? Before closing your eyes, wipe it all off and save your skin. Get ’em from Target for $5.

4. Flats and/or socks.
Yosi Samra Flats
I fly standby, so sometimes dress up to try to angle to get into business class. I’ll roll to the airport in Valentino spiked pumps, but have a pair of Yosi Samra flats in my bag. I love Yosi Samra because their flats are comfy, foldable, and fashionable. Plus, they’re affordable and work well as ‘save your feet’ ‘after the club’ shoes during nighttime excursions during your trip. If you’re not a flats girl, a pair of cozy, fuzzy socks will help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

5. Corrective lenses.
claire sulmers the bomb life corrective lenses
I’m blind as a bat, so always pop out my contacts in favor of eyeglasses.

6. Reading material and other sources of entertainment.
This is a given, but a good book can help the time fly right on by. I recently read Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and it was amazing. Get a really scintillating read to help the hours pass with ease.

7. A hat of some sort.
leather baseball cap
My hair was done in an updo on my way to Australia, but it was down on the way back…and my edges were looking extra crunchy and crazy! Just stash a baseball cap in your bag, along with a pair of sunnies and maybe a bright lip, so when you step off the plane, you’ll look fabulous…and not foolywang.

8. Headphones
beats by dre in ear headphones
I had my Beyonce on deck for my whole trip, and had to listen to my favorite songs during the way over! I’ve been a fan of Bose in ear headphones, but am trying out stylish Beats by Dre in earbuds. Rock whatever works for you!

9. Hand cream or lotion.
burt's bees hand cream
Reference point one regarding dehydration. I remember looking down after the flight and noticing two shameful swaths of ashy skin on my feet. Keep a travel size hand lotion in your bag. Bye, ashy!

10. Writing materials, pens, etc.
Fashion Flap Journal Urban Outfitters
I wrote this post on the plane! Ideas will come to you during all those hours of prolonged travel, and with no internet connection, you can really allow your creativity to flow without distraction. I spent my time during my 15 hour flight writing in my journal, creating goals, and thinking of new features for Fashion Bomb Daily. And you’ll need a pen to fill out customs cards!

At any rate, those are just a few things you’ll need on deck for a long trip. I’d also recommend getting up to walk and stretch during the flight! You need to keep your circulation going. Have your external battery charged up in case you need to charge up your phone or tablet. And consider getting compression socks. I didn’t wear any, but my feet were a bit swollen upon touchdown; compression socks or stockings can reduce the swelling.
Anyway, those are just a few of my travel essentials.

What are some of yours?

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