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Day 1 of Team #NoMeat: An Egg White Burrito Bowl, Lobster Salad, and Shrimp Poke Bowl from Eat Clean Bro

Alright, so it’s Day 1 of Team #NoMeat. I won’t be documenting ALL my meals, but will most likely snap a couple for Snapchat!
Anywho, the deal was no red meat, chicken, or pork! So I’ve been lapping up the seafood and eggs!
This morning, it was all about Eat Clean Bro’s Burrito Bowl, which consists of egg whites, brown rice, cheese, and black bean salsa.
Though I’m supposed to be sequestered in my house, in a monk like state, business beckons. Always. So I had a productive lunch uptown at the Viceroy and had a yummy Lobster Cobb salad!
For dinner, it was back to Eat Clean bro, via their seafood special, i.e. a Shrimp Poke bowl.
With some sriracha sauce, it was poppin!
I’m now contemplating dessert. I love Kind Bars, particularly their Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt option:
And if I need a real sugar rush, I enjoy Vita Coco Coconut Water:
Tastes just like chocolate milk!
If you guys are joining me with this Team #NoMeat challenge for the next 21 days, leave your daily dish below.
And if you have suggestions for great vegan and vegetarian restaurants in NYC, leave your recs below!
Love + Light!
*Am I cheating by eating seafood and eggs? Help a sista out!

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