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I’m Old: I Spent the Past Few Days Bedridden with Back Spasms (!) + 5 Cures for Lower Back Pain (I am not a doctor)

I’ve never ‘felt my age’ more than I have the past few days.

While so many of you were undoubtedly dipping into Turkey dressing and ladling creamy Mac & Cheese into your mouths, I was laid up with ice packs in bed, barely mobile. The culprit? Lower back pain that made me feel as if my whole underside was going to fall prey to gravity and send me tumbling.

Though it’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly what had happened, I’m thinking it might have been my exertions at Forward Space, a small dance studio at 24 Spring Street that I have been frequenting as of late.

I am on a mission to lose weight! I have been trying for years but now I am serious! And thus am serious about cardio and dancing the day away.

Don’t get me wrong: Forward space is FUN! And a pure cardio workout for 50 minutes straight. I think in my mind I am still 20 years old, and can bust a move without truly stretching. But oh, I learned my limits. And isn’t it always so ironic that the *minute* you try to get serious about fitness, you’re always plagued with an injury?!? Anywho, enough belly aching.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Stretch

Stretch every day. Even if you’re not going to do a few fast paced eight counts. As part of your morning routine: stretch. And absolutely stretch your legs and back.

2. Wear the right shoes

As you can see from above, I was going for Instagrammable shoes vs. the not so cute running shoes I got from Jack Rabbit. And I felt the slight discomfort, but I ignored it. Don’t sacrifice your body for vanity!

3. Walk Backwards

This is something my mother suggested once the damage had been done. Though it felt awkward, I can confirm that it was easier to walk backwards vs. forwards when my lower back was aching.

4. Wear a back brace: A waist trainer worked for me

Again, I am NOT a doctor, lol. But when I needed some sort of back support, I busted out my Keyshia Kai’or waist trainer and it certainly helped.

5. Rest Up. Get a Cold Pack. Take some meds.

I HATE to slow down. Hate it. But sometimes things happen for you to press pause and just rest. Aside from Forward Space, I have been doing a whole lot of ‘hop right off the plane and to an event’ recently. It’s cool, but at a certain point it will catch up to you. Keep an ice pack handy, along with some Motrin!!!

I am proud to say that I can now walk (!). Not run. Or dance. It got really cold in New York, so I’m gonna continue to nurse my back at home, and prepare for the Fabys December 12th (get your tickets at Fabys2021.eventbrite.com).

I hope to see you there (with no back brace!).

Love & Light,

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