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Feeling Down? Get Outside! Wearing Aeron and Hanifa

So after my bout with back pain, I was a bit out of sorts. The cold temps had me weary, and I was feeling under the weather! I literally didn’t leave the house for several days, but then a designer from the shop asked me to interview her. So I got dressed.

Just the act of putting on clothes seemed like an exercise in self care. And when I met up for the filming, the vibes were so great, and the knowledge shared so impactful, I’ve been radiating with good energy ever since.

We all feel ‘down’ occasionally. Even ‘happy go lucky,’ always ‘feeling super blessed,’ me. Take a beat. It’s ok to not feel like yourself for a bit. But then get yo ass up and keep it moving.

Breathe some fresh air. Call a parent. Hang out with new people. You never know how GOD might speak through them.

One note I’ll leave you with (that I heard during my one outing last week), “Be happy, but never satisfied. Satisfaction is the enemy of excellence.”

Also once you realize that no one is going to kickstart your dreams and turn them into reality but YOU…that should be motivation enough to shake a tail feather.

Take care of yourself! Stretch, stay hydrated, and stay prayerful.

Love & Light,

*My look is by a new brand I love called Aeron. My duster is by Hanifa. Shoes: Schutz.

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