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It Gets Greater Later: Wisdom from Bevy Smith and Her Ted Talk With Phillip Bloch, Ty Hunter, and Terrell Jones

Last Friday, I attended a viewing party for Bevy Smith, who recently did a Ted Talk entitled, “It Gets Greater Later.”

In the talk, she describes how it took her 55 years to find her most authentic self, and also achieve career goals, which include being an award winning radio host, an author, and an actress.

I was blessed to be in the building for her viewing party, which was chock full of great people, including Terrell Jones (stylist to DJ Khaled), Ty Hunter (stylist to Billy Porter; former stylist to Beyonce and Destiny’s Child), and Phillip Bloch (former stylist to Halle Berry and Michael Jackson).

When I first started in fashion, I literally idolized everyone in the room! I remember borderline harassing Bevy to have our first meeting. I remember gagging at taking the below picture with Phillip Bloch, Robert Verdi, and Miss Jay, when I was still running away from my job during my lunch hour to crash fashion shows at Bryant Park:

Simply being on the invite list was proof that it gets greater later. Everything you want you can have. Just do the work. Be kind. And don’t settle!

And once you’ve ‘made it’ be sure to keep the door open for those who come behind you.

Love & Light,

Images: Salvatore Demaio

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