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Happy New Year! Let’s Set Some Goals and Smash Them! Wearing a Bec and Betty Coat from Fashion Bomb Daily Shop

Happy New Year, Bombers and Bombshells! On January 1st, I took a leap of faith and moved. I’ll make an official announcement soon, but suffice it to say that this move has been on my list of goals for quite some time. Many doubted I could do it, but I stayed focused, planned, and finally just gulped and jumped! One of my favorite “life” activities is to set clear goals and make vision boards, especially at the top of the…

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Claire’s Life Miu Miu x Sydney Sweeney Wearing Fumi the Label and I Style by Sonia Available on

Happy Friday, y’all! How are you? I’m trucking along. This holiday season has been BUSY, with parties every day. The other night, I popped by a Miu Miu event, with selects by Sydney Sweeney, who is apparently an actress on Euphoria (forgive my ignorance): I used to watch Euphoria, and remember it being really GOOD, but depressing and a bit tortured. I like to be educated, uplifted, or laugh when I watch TV, so I had to turn elsewhere. At…

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Should I Send My Black Child to a Majority White High School? My Reflections on My Time at Westminster Schools of Atlanta + Our Black Alumni Conference

Happy Monday, folks! This past weekend, my high school, Westminster Schools of Atlanta, held its inaugural Black Alumni Conference. My brother, who also went to Westminster, was on the planning committee, and strongly encouraged me to come. While I was not one of the featured speakers, I do have a lot to say about how I felt as a young black child who attended one of the most prestigious and elite K-12 private schools in the Southeast. My short answer…

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It Gets Greater Later: Wisdom from Bevy Smith and Her Ted Talk With Phillip Bloch, Ty Hunter, and Terrell Jones

Last Friday, I attended a viewing party for Bevy Smith, who recently did a Ted Talk entitled, “It Gets Greater Later.” In the talk, she describes how it took her 55 years to find her most authentic self, and also achieve career goals, which include being an award winning radio host, an author, and an actress. I was blessed to be in the building for her viewing party, which was chock full of great people, including Terrell Jones (stylist to…

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Marlo Hampton Calls Fashion Bomb Daily “#1 Blog in the World” On Season 14 Premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta

If you tuned in to Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Season 14 Premiere last night, you might have seen a familiar face!  That’s right, I attended Marlo Hampton’s Le Archive party wearing a Nadia coat from and Hair from! Check the episode out on Demand at Bravo! What did you think of the episode?…

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