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Bomb Book: How to Win at the Sport of Business by Mark Cuban

So I love to read.
The movers who moved me into my new apartment remarked that I had a lot of shoes and a lot of books! You can see all my books on the floor of this Toyota video I did when I first moved in (embarrassing!!)

They’re no longer on the floor, and will soon inhabit this very cool bookcase from CB2 (isn’t it bomb?!?!).
Anyhoo, years ago, when I was Breaking into Fashion, I focused on Fashion Books like Phaidon’s Fashion Book, the Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion, The End of Fashion by Teri Agins, and tomes by Diane von Furstenberg, Andre Leon Talley, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Kimora Lee Simmons. THEN I started focusing on writing books: William Zinzsser’s on Writing Well, Stephen King’s On Writing, and Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style. NOW my focus is on business, and so began reading Mark Cuban’s book, “How to Win at the Sport of Business.”
mark cuban how to win at the sport of business
I was introduced to Mark Cuban via the show Shark Tank. I love all the Sharks, but Cuban is one of my favorites. The book is short and is a quick read. I love how he just gets to the point!
One of my favorite entries, “Relaxing is for the other guy. I may be sitting in front of the TV, but I’m not watching it unless I think there is something I can learn from it. I’m thinking about things I can use in my business and the TV is just there. I could take the time to read a fiction book, but I don’t. I would rather read websites, newspapers, and magazines, looking for ideas and concepts that I can use…I’m not going to dinner with you just to chat. I’m not going to give you a call to see how you are. Unless you want to talk business.” Mark Cuban is a beast!
Those few words just made me think about how important it is to be selective with what you pay attention to. YES I love to watch Love and Hip Hop and am a fan of all the Real Housewives franchises. And I’m not suggesting you don’t watch those occasionally to blow off some steam. But more and more, I’ve been watching CNBC and tuning in to shows like Shark Tank, The Profit, and Undercover Boss. More and More, I’m picking up books like How to Win by Mark Cuban, along with The Revenue Growth Habit by Alex Goldfayn and The Virgin Way by Richard Branson (coming soon to The Bomb Life book club once I crack them open). If you want to get better in an area, study it! Books are cheap, and you’d be watching TV anyway!
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I give everyone who works for FBD a list of books they can read to improve their writing. But how many actually read them? I ask successful people all the time what books they read. How many people actually go out and not only purchase them, but read them?
My new book list is inspired by an interview I did with Mahisha Dillinger, the CEO of Curls. She outlined these books and more as keys to her success!

I got slightly off topic, but all that to say: everything you want to know in life is at your fingertips. And once you have acquired enough knowledge in one field, learn about a new field of interest to you. Don’t be passive in your career. Stay focused and learn from the greats!
At any rate, I just started reading Mark Cuban’s book, and I think I’ll have finished it by the end of the week.
If you pick it up, let me know what you think!

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