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The Bomb Life 101: My New 5am Rule

So my friend challenged me to update this website once a day, so that readers (ya out there?!?) will know what to expect. I know this from my older blogging days and should really know better…! That said, expect a new post a day!
888  claire sulmers giuseppe zanotti design the layover fe noel print dress
I have some knowledge to impart, and who knows? Maybe this could result in a book one day. And in that vein, I give you today’s The Bomb Life 101 thought, inspired by Albert Einstein’s famous quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”
claire sulmers giuseppe zanotti design the layover fe noel print dress
I’ve been looking to accelerate my business , and my friend suggested that I start getting up at 5am every day. The logic is to wake up early, exercise, and benefit from about 4 hours of silence before people start sending e-mails and texts.
6  claire sulmers giuseppe zanotti design the layover fe noel print dress
I LOVE to sleep. It is one of my favorite hobbies. LOL. For years, I woke up at 8am like clockwork and had the first article live on Fashion Bomb Daily by 9am. As of late, I’ve been waking up around 10am or later! But because I want The Fashion Bomb and Claire Sulmers brands to truly boom, I decided to try this whole waking up at 5am thing.
I started my ‘early riser program’ last week and noticed the following:

*The world is very quiet at 5am. It is one of the most peaceful times of the day.
*Waking up early makes you feel special; you almost feel as if you’re apart of a special club.
*You get a lot of work done! Like clockwork, my inbox starts filling up at 9am and doesn’t stop! Phone calls start at around 10am, and my phone starts dinging nonstop. You can use the time from 5-9am to be totally selfish with your time. Plan, strategize, and get organized.
*If you have an early call time, you can’t stay out all night partying it up! And if you’re really focused, you should only party late into the night on occasion.

I did some research, and waking up at 5am is one of the traits of super successful people, including many executives and heads of Fortune 500 companies. Read about some of them here.
8989 -claire-sulmers-giuseppe-zanotti-design-the-layover-fe-noel-print-dress
If you comb through the list, you’ll see that Former Presidents George W Bush and George HW Bush both profess to waking up at 5am every day. If they can do it, what’s your excuse…?
999 -claire-sulmers-giuseppe-zanotti-design-the-layover-fe-noel-print-dress
There’s nothing easy about waking up that early, but there’s nothing easy about building your own business and being the best in your field! So let’s get it!
89898 -claire-sulmers-giuseppe-zanotti-design-the-layover-fe-noel-print-dress
Love + Light!
*These pix are old, but I decided to use them to illustrate this post (why not, right?). My dress is by Fe Noel, shoes are Zanotti.

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