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Claire’s Life: Celebrating Jerome Lamaar’s Collaboration with Sloomoo Institute Wearing a Frances Grey Hive Hat and Shop G Luxe

Last night, I popped by the Sloomoo Institute for a Pride themed event, hosted by designer Jerome Lamaar. Jerome is a visionary and a talented creative. I first met him years ago when he was designing for Baby Phat, and he’s now collaborated with a multitude of brands, including Macys (I’m wearing a top from his last collection, and he’s rocking a look from his forthcoming drop). In the spirit of true colorful creativity (and Pride Month), I offset his…

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Confessions of an 80’s Baby / Antique Millenial: Truth is I’m Tired (Tik Tok and Instagram Angst)

As I sit here, prepping to go for a run (more like a walk!), I’ve been reflecting on the dynamic nature of the media industry and how every day it seems harder and harder to keep up with the latest platfoms. I came into this industry in the era of print journalism. The glossies and weeklies reigned supreme. I actually worked as a fact checker at a magazine because unlike today, when you can just click ‘edit’ to update an…

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The Bomb Life Eleuthera, Bahamas Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Do, What to See (Be Prepared for the Frog Sounds at Night!)

Happy Friday, Bomb Lifers! I am currently sitting in Atlanta airport on a gnarly (!) 3 hour layover, and figured: what better time than now to tell you about my recent trip to Eleuthera, Bahamas? As many of you may know, my mother is from Nassau, Bahamas, and we have family on Nassau, Andros, Long Island, and Eleuthera. While we normally go to Nassau to see our family, we decided to switch it up for this trip to my motherland.…

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The Truth About Being a CEO on Vacation: 5 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know If They Want to Take a Break

Happy Wednesday! I am currently in the beautiful Bahamas, lapping up the sun and sand in a beautiful tree lined enclave. While I have been posting from here on my Instagram @ClaireSulmers, here’s the first thing you should know about being a CEO on Vacation: No One Cares That’s right. Customers waiting on merchandise don’t care that you need a mental break. Advertisers still want their ad posted. There is a phrase that to whom much is given much is…

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Claire’s Life: Surround Yourself by Excellence with My Parfait Hair and Guy Stanley Philoche’s I Love New York Exhibit Wearing S by Serena’s Kayla Blazer

Happy Thursday! I fly out to Dallas tonight, then am off to the Bahamas for a family trip, but before I pack my final bikinis and cover ups, I wanted to tell you about my eventful New York night! On Tuesday, I first stopped by Haitian Artist Guy Stanley Philoche’s I Love New York exhibit, then attended a dinner for My Parfait, a tech enabled hair company. My Parfait is a brand that uses Artificial Intelligence so that you can…

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