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Claire’s Hair: My Evolution from Blond Locs to Weaves to Finger Waves

I am probably the most boring person when it comes to style. I don’t like to experiment, I always like a classic look (hence the Balmain blazers), BUT being in my position as the editor of a fashion company, I’ve been compelled to switch it up in ways I never imagined or anticipated. Of course, most of you met me with blond locs. Because of my penchant to ‘go with what works,‘ many of you got VERY COMFORTABLE with this…

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5 Things To Do If You Live on the Ground Floor and Have a Flood

5 years ago, I moved into a duplex in Brooklyn that I thought would be my long term home (read about it here). I mean, the space was chic and spacious, something that is typically hard to find in New York, the city of the shoebox apartment. While I reveled in the space, and made myself comfortable with the top floor/basement combo, I quickly learned that having a lower level to your home comes with serious issues. The most pernicious…

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If You Want to Make Money, Wear A Suit! The Gospel According to Rupaul + 10 Times I’ve Worn a Suit

A few weeks ago, I came under (light) fire for agreeing with Monique about black women wearing bonnets in the airport. I personally felt that we could do better in terms of representing ourselves outwardly–to command respect! I didn’t take the time to read many comments (though I think someone called me self loathing!), but it’s crazy how you can say one little thing that doesn’t go along with the crowd and get attacked for it! At any rate, perhaps…

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I Cut my Hair with The Official Razor Chic! What You Should Know about Wig and Weave Wear (Let Your Scalp Breathe)

Happy Sunday, folks! So last week Monday, just as I was leaving for the airport to fly from Atlanta back to New York, I scheduled an appointment with hair legend, the Official Razor Chic. Razor Chic aka Jasmine Collins is known for her artistic haircuts that disguise thinning edges due to excessive wig or weave wear, alopecia, and so much more. Y’all know I love a good unit, and I was noticing that my edges were getting thinner and thinner.…

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Claire’s Life: Hosting the Relaunch of VII Collection at Connaisseur Paris with Kal Williams, Kris Shelby, Mase, and More

Hey Hey! Despite appearances, I don’t live in Atlanta. But flights to Delta are pretty plentiful, so I make my way down there quite frequently to visit my parents and attend events. On Saturday, I co-hosted an event with Kris Shelby and Kal Williams at Connaisseur Paris for the relaunch of VII Collection belts: The belts are handmade out of exotic materials, and feature a gold buckle. They will be sold exclusively at menswear store Connaisseur Paris, located at the…

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