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The State of Fashion: Has the Corona Virus Killed Retail? Macy’s Lays off 130,000 Employees as the Virus Casts a Deathly Pall Over the Industry

The Corona Virus continues to upend our world as we know it. Today, a Reuters article announced that Macy’s has decided to ‘furlough’ (temporarily lay off with no pay) most of its 130,000 employees due to the negative economic impact Covid-19 has had on sales.  With non essential businesses closed until further notice, large Brick & Mortar stores like Macy’s 34th street flagship have suffered greatly. With store closings extended for another 2-4 weeks, we can only pray that this does not lead to…

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I’ve Worked from Home for 10 Years: 5 Ways to Stay Sane and Be Productive During the CoronaVirus Quarantine

After quitting my job, moving to Paris, then moving back to New York, I found myself self employed (read about my journey here). My basement became my office, and it was up to me to create work–and entertainment–for myself. Was I bored? Hell yeah! And I missed the water cooler conversations. And while I got human interaction from going to parties and industry events, when times were slow, I was beside myself with boredom. But I have survived, and now…

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Fashion Bomb Daily’s Live with Miss Jackson’s Shoe Gummi + Go Live With Us Next Week

Yesterday, we went live with Miss Jackson to discuss her new Bomb Product, Shoe Gummi! The 1.5 inch rubber adhesives go on the outside of your high heels, and promise pain alleviation, so that you can step out in style and last longer in your favorite stilettos. Miss Jackson and I chatted on Live about it, as she discussed why she started the company, and showed us how she applied the outer soles to her favorite heels. This is definitely a…

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5 Things You Can Do During the Corona Virus Quarantine: Plan, Relax, Chill

The Corona Virus has taken the world by storm, with officials encouraging everyone to stay quarantined in their homes to avoid the spread of this infectious, contagious disease. I work from home, so things won’t change a ton for me, though frequent event cancellations have taken me off the social circuit. Instead of popping by parties a couple times a week, I am now at home with lots of time on my hands! In the midst of any crisis, I…

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Claire’s Life: What to Wear to Give a Keynote or Speak at a Conference + Recap of Flourish Media Conference

Happy Monday, Bombers and Bombshells! This past weekend, I was the keynote speaker at the Flourish Media Conference! Geared towards entrepreneurs, the conference comprises a day full or panels, speeches, and concludes with a pitching contest where companies can pitch to potential investors. It was the bomb! For the occasion, I wore a new tulle tuxedo suit by Oyemwen! It was a hit. And it got me to thinking about what to wear to speak or keynote an event! Read on…

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