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African-American Excitement over Shows like Young, Famous, and African, and Real Housewives Of Lagos Demonstrate a Need to Reconnect with Our Long Lost Cousins

There are two new shows, all about Africa, that are coming to streaming services near you: Netflix’s Young, Famous, and African, featuring South African black elite, and Showmax Naija’s The Real Housewives of Lagos, which takes a peek into the lives of wealthy women of Nigeria. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Fashion Bomb Daily (@fashionbombdaily) The excitement over these shows, particularly on Fashion Bomb Daily, has been palpable. Over 8,000 followers liked the trailer of Young,…

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I Agree with Kim Kardashian: If You’re a Woman in Business, Get Up and Work

Kim Kardashian has been in the news lately (when has she not?) for telling Variety Magazine that her advice to women is business is to “Get your f*cking a$$ up and work.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Fashion Bomb Daily (@fashionbombdaily) Her profanity laced yet seemingly innocuous advice has drawn lots of internet ire, mainly from people who have misinterpreted what she said, pointing to her being born into a prominent family and initially becoming famous…

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Fashion Nova Owner Richard Saghian Purchases $141 Million Home: The Power of Fashion +

Fashion Nova Owner Richard Saghian recently splurged on a $141 Million Home called “The One,” in Los Angeles. The 105,00 square foot property has 21 bedrooms and 42 baths. See more pictures here. In the spirit of my knee jerk reaction to congratulate, not hate, I must say that this is impressive. Fashion Nova can be criticized for a myriad of reasons, however whatever they are doing is working. The owner is 40 years old and lives in a palace!…

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0 In Balmain/ Christian Louboutin/ Claire's Life/ Featured/ Paris

Claire’s Life: Attending the Balmain Fall 2022 Show with Serena Williams, Olivier Rousteing and Precious Lee

Happy Saturday! It’s currently 6:30 am in Mexico and I am preparing a presentation on “Blogging for Bosses.” I’m UP and feeling productive, so figured now was as good a time as any to tell you about my last day in Paris! I was super blessed to be invited to Balmain’s Fall 2022 show. When you truly love and frequently patronize a brand, it’s lovely to be able to experience a show! For Fall 2022, Balmain offered a sporty, futuristic…

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The Bomb Life 101: Take a Risk Wearing a Red Daniels Leather Coat and a Mah Jing Wong Latex Boydsuit and Pants in Paris

So as I’m sure you can tell by my Instagram: I’m in Paris! What you may not be able to tell via IG is that this was a completely last minute trip! I barely planned and bought my ticket days before leaving. I didn’t take time to curate a bunch of looks like I did for New York Fashion Week. I was basically utterly unprepared. I could have thought of a million reasons why I SHOULD NOT go, but I…

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