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Claire’s Life: The 2024 BET Awards in a Beaded Matopeda Dress

Happy Almost Essence Fest!

I am headed down to New Orleans for Essence Fest with Mielle Organics, but before I get bogged down with all the fun events, I thought I’d quickly share what I wore to the BET Awards:

Y’all know I love Matopeda! And she was kind enough to create a hand beaded custom creation just for me. I wanted to walk the carpet, but attending the proceedings will have to do!

The piece was so fragile that I ended up breaking some of the beads (and I am still cleaning them up!).

I live in LA now, so it didn’t feel right for “Culture’s Biggest Night” to be happening around the corner from me and not attend. When I saw the proceedings, I felt like a true Auntie! I clutched my pearls seeing all the jiggling butts and barely there looks.

I know I’m pretty conservative, but I feel like our culture deserves more. We are excellent! We are Kings and Queens! And should conduct ourselves that way. I will always cover the BET Awards because I’m for the culture, but our culture is so deep and rich, elegant and elevated, brimming over with undeniable talent.

Hoping that the team at BET raises the bar for next year.

What did you think of the show?

Love & Light,

*Throwback to the last time I attended the BET Awards in 2016:

Images: Chastity Morgan/Wendy Ngala

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