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Talking #NYFW on #VH1Live


Happy Friday, folks! So last night, I appeared on #VH1Live to talk #NYFW and fashion faves with Marc Lamont Hill, Adrienne Moore, and Brian Henry. I was the resident ‘blogger’ on set (like my sticker?). I offered my two cents on my favorite and least favorite looks from New York Fashion Week. I get nervous every single time, but I’m getting better! Did you watch? Love + Light! Claire *I wore a Zara jacket, American Apparel tank, Rayar Bombshell Jeans,…

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Ask Claire: Do You Ever Get Tired of New York Fashion Week?


So yesterday I was snapping and chatting (as I do), recording my steps as I navigated traffic, got calf cramps, and sweated out my makeup, all in the pursuit of getting to a fashion show on time. In the midst of my dynamic storytelling, one of my Snapchat followers asked: “Do you ever get tired of Fashion Week?” The answer is: YES AND NO. Yes, it is tiring. So tiring I’m actually taking today off to crank out some show…

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Ask Claire: How Can I Apply for a Job at a Magazine Without Contact Information?

Claire Sulmers rue 107 yellow duster sheer pants outfit fashion bomb daily

Hey! I’m cranking out this Ask Claire super fast, as I’m running to an appointment! I wish I could tell you what it was, but stay tuned for a Fashion Bomb product this holiday season. At any rate, let’s quickly get to today’s reader query: Mino asks, “I am a thirtysomething post-graduate student who is seeking to break into blogging. My interests are style and fashion, social politics and theology, and I know this is an odd combination, and so…

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Ask Claire: How Can I Showcase My Talents to the World?

claire sulmers Christian Dior Black Quilted Diorama Large Flap Bag SHW 1

So remember how Friday on FBD used to be for Mail Bombs? Well now, we basically answer celeb questions throughout the week, so Mail Bombs aren’t really necessary anymore! But…we can have an Ask Claire session every Friday over here. Sound good? Let’s get started. Tasha writes, “I’m so excited that you are taking the time out to answer our questions! My name is Tasha Marie, I’m a fashion blogger and image consultant with very little success. I live in…

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Ask Claire: Advice to my 20 Year Old Self?

claire sulmers frame denim jumpsuit moschino belt saint laurent bag stuart weitzman nudist

I get lots of e-mails from fashion industry hopefuls, and I respond to a lot of them! Instead of just letting them populate my inbox, I will share a few as part of Ask Claire; names and details will be changed to protect their identity! Today’s note comes from Patrice, who says, “I am a growing writer, blogger, and personal/professional brand ambassador. Upon graduation in May of 2017, I have hopes of moving to New York to pursue becoming a…

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