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Claire’s Life: Milan Day 2 at Genny, Moschino, and more in a Winter White Frankie Shop Coat and Cream Fashion Bomb Daily Shop Dress


Today, I finally got some sleep, so I feel aptly recharged to recount my Day 2 at Milan Fashion Week!

Image: @ItsBrunoAgain

My morning started at the Genny show! I opted for all winter white, and my friend, celebrity stylist Jeremy Haynes just so happened to be wearing winter white as well! The look is trending: you heard it here first!

After the show, I said hey to new friends, including Lebanese handbag designer Manar Laktineh:

Afterwards I stopped by the Giuseppe Zanotti showroom for a presentation, and met Giuseppe Zanotti himself!

One of coolest things about Milan is how accessible and nice the designers are. I own Giuseppe Zanotti shoes! He was such a gentleman. Just a note, many Milan runways are focusing on flats and comfortable shoes, which is refreshing to see!

After changing out of my painful heels, I switched into Voyette Lee shoes to go to the Moschino show. I ran into Valeriya Loka by my hotel and we decided to head over together:

Image: Fotograf Iana Chertkova

Then, it was time for the show!

Image: RBM Projects

Tomorrow, I am headed to the Dolce & Gabbana show, and I can’t wait! I haven’t been to Milan in a decade, but I’ve received the warmest welcome back. I am so so glad I came.

Shop my coat here, and get my winter white look here.

Stay tuned for more from Milan and Paris!

Love & Light,

*Thank you to the photographers who have snapped my pic!

*I wasn’t able to find a makeup artist while here, hence the sunglasses EVERYWHERE! Thankfully I know a great makeup artist in Paris, so will be turning up the glamour there.

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