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Claire’s Life: Celebrating Singles Day with Swaelee x AliExpress + H&M x Rabanne in Paco Rabanne

Happy Friday!

So I’m in New York City baby!

I know no one knows or pays attention to where I live (I live in LA), there is something electric about that New York City energy ! I actually came for one of my friend’s baby shower’s, and of course had to hit the town while I was here. I stopped by AliExpress’s Singles day Event, which celebrates what is apparently the biggest shopping day of the year (11/11)!

I actually had an H&M x Rabanne party that night, so wore a bodysuit I found on Tik Tok, a Paco Rabanne skirt, and Sybgco HBIC heels from Fashion Bomb Daily Shop.

My short cut is in the process of growing out, so it’s going to be all Indique wigs for me for the foreseeable future.

The thing I love most about New York is running into old friends like Ty Hunter, Swaelee and Eugene!

Stay tuned for even more Bomb Life moments (I’ve been busy!).

If you like my look, shop it here.

Love & Light,

Images: Day Hunch

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