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Claire’s Life: Celebrating Alaska Pacific Insurance Agency’s 25th Anniversary in a Red Beaded Valdrin Sahiti Gown

So I’m in Atlanta to celebrate my mom’s birthday!

I promise I’ll sit still after this trip (for a week–ha!) But I wanted to just show my look from hosting the red carpet at the APIA Insurance 25th Anniversary Soiree in Anchorage, Alaska!

For the occasion, I wore a Valdrin Sahiti red beaded gown from TSMGO Fashion Rental. Their resident stylist Baldwin plucked some red gloves for me, which I thought were perfect to conceal my Apple Watch (ha!).

I later slipped on a fur from The Fur and Leather Centre to battle the Alaska chill.

After giving an award for the best dressed attendee…

I grabbed a pic with Dr. Courtney Hammonds and APIA Insurance owner Tracey Parrish.

It was a good time! To have me cover or attend your next event, you know what to do! Email

Love & Light,

Images: Sylvanus Edi

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