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Book Claire: Catch Me December 13th at the Fur and Leather Centre’s Runway Fashion Show + Tips for Shooting At Summit at One Vanderbilt!

Happy Tuesday, Bombers and Bombshells!

I am currently chilling in the A, but if you’re in St. Louis, Missouri, join me December 13th for the Fur and Leather Centre’s runway show!

I’ll be the celebrity host, showcasing the city’s finest furs, like this cropped rainbow blue number I wore with a Rick Owens dress.

I actually did this shoot at a place called Summit One Vanderbilt in New York. My photographer Salvatore DeMaio and I went around 3pm mid week and it was packed. Sal also almost got into a fight with a douchebag who refused to move to get out of our shot. The nerve!

This random dude almost ruined our shot

I was also standing by a window and a tourist literally stepped on my toes and stood in front of me. It was madness.

But looking at these pix you could never tell

To avoid potential nuisances, try to go EARLY in the morning, or reaching out to their PR to go alone. Going super early will most likely mean fNNewer people, and more opportunities to get the shots you want.

Thank me later:)

Find tickets to The Fur and Leather Centre’s runway show at the link in their Instagram bio.

If you want to book me to host your event or wear your brand (I mean look at these pix!), Email!

Love & Light,

Images: @SoneJr

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