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You Have to Be Able to Pivot & Shift: Wearing a Jessica Rich Collection Fringed Blazer and Rayar Fringed Jeans

I had big plans this past Friday. My business partner and I had tapped a super duper high tech videographer to breathe fresh air into our Week in Review video. To prepare, I got my hair and makeup done, and slipped on a Jessica Rich Collection fringed blazer, Rayar Jeans, and Gucci shades care of Gaffos, who was sponsoring a give away.

I had booked a studio space, and all seemed to be on track–until my business partner suggested I give this videographer a call. Long story short, our personalities did NOT mesh, and I ended up canceling the shoot. I was unnerved and disappointed, but we ended up making the most of it, still hitting the studio and doing our best with our Iphone. Voila the results.

No week in review video, and while I would have loved HD of my slow motion walk, we just worked with what we had and turned out some pretty cool pix even with our Iphone 7 on Portrait mode!

All that to say: Plans change. Things shift. Don’t get flustered. Get resourceful.
Work with what you have where you are. Do your best, and learn lessons along the way.

The Bomb Life Motto: Pivot, shift, and make it work!
Love & Light,

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