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Claire’s Life: Speaking at the Lemonade Dolls Launch at Nordstrom Wearing a Herve Leger Aurora Gown + Ty Hunter x Manuel Mendez’s Black Hole Bag + The Pomodoro Time Management Technique!

Happy Saturday, Bomb Lifers!

New York seems to have a vice grip on me that I just can’t escape! I flew back to the big Apple to speak on panel hosted by Lemon Fuller of Lemonade Dolls, which is an inclusive lingerie brand. They are the fastest growing brand in the UK, and they recently launched at Nordstrom! We celebrated their success with a panel on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the fashion industry.

My fabulous co-panelists journalist Alicia L. Quarles, Soho House’s Karen Sanchez, a motivational speaker Alethea Crimmins

I’ll be honest, the topic initially made me roll my eyes a bit. I thought to myself, “Are we still talking about this?” Yes, yes we are! Until all women of all sizes, shapes, ages, and backgrounds feel included with all brands, discussions like this still need to be had.

Lots of people came out to support, including Latosha Scott of Xscape and her husband Rocky, Phillip Bloch, and more. Even my niece Naima and my sis Gigi came to show some love!

She thinks I’m so funny!

For the occasion, I wore an Aurora Gown from Herve Leger, accessorized by Stuart Weitzman sandals and an Interstellar collection bag created by Ty Hunter and Manuel Mendez.

I loved the fringe on this dress…it just made me want to shimmy all night!

Get my dress here. Learn more about Lemonade Dolls at LemonadeDolls.US. They carry really cute matching sets for women of all shapes and sizes.

Tell them I sent you!

Love & Light,

*Glam: Makeup by Latisha. Images: Salvatore DeMaio

*I was able to write this using the Pomadoro Technique! It’s basically 25 minutes of focused work, followed by 5 minutes of rest. Repeat 4 times, then take a 30 minute break! I’m always looking for ways to be more effective and manage my time better. Try it and let me know what you think!

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