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Ask Claire: Do You Miss Your Locs? + The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing (Blonde) Wigs

The 2nd most common question I’ve received since the big chop (aside from “Did you Cut your Locs?“) is “Do You Miss Your Locs?”

It’s a question that definitely popped into my head today as I sat in my kitchen-turned-salon, oiling my scalp before my hairstylist Tamara cornrowed my mini Afro and sewed on my next style. This is Tamara’s 2nd time doing my hair this week, and on Friday, my friend Sharif will do the honors anew. Yes, that’s 3 days of hair care, which is a vast difference from the once every 10 days treatment I used to give my Locs. One thing I can say is that straight hair takes a WHOLE lot more maintenance–that is if you don’t know how to do it yourself or if you want it to look good.

While I never really had a bad hair day with Locs (even when they were a little rough, they looked presentable), it’s so easy to go very wrong with wigs/straight hair. If your hair is not styled or done just right, you can look tres tres crazay.

I’ve learned many lessons about what not to do with hair, particularly lace wigs, which I’ve taken to wearing.
Do take your time with that flat iron so that you don’t look like a clown on acid!

Do get some Got2B glue so your lace isn’t lifting in the front!

When you’re just starting out, do have fun with different styles!

But once you’ve found your best cut and color, do stick with it!

Don’t skimp on quality. I’ve found my stride with hair from @HairAreUs!

For me, since I’m still learning, do consult a professional for big events.

But for blonde in particular, don’t use too much product (you don’t want to look like a greaseball!), do try to wrap your hair or wear a bonnet at night, and if all else fails, stock up on cute hats!

In general, though, I feel like I’ve ‘done’ Locs. I’ve shown the world that it can be classy, cute, and multifaceted. I’ve had every Loc style possible over the past 15 years.

And now it’s time to try lots and lots and lots of new things!
Life is about constantly changing and evolving. So, in sum, though I do miss the ease of Locs, I am embracing and having fun with this new phase.

Which hairstyle above was your fave?

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