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The Happiness Prescription: Expressing Gratitude Every Day for Life and Good Health

It’s been a dark past few days. In addition to today being 9/11, one of the deadliest days in New York and US history, a few days ago, the fashion world lost two beautiful souls: style influencer Kyrzayda Rodriguez and stylist Michael Mann.

I was shocked and saddened by their passing–both were young, vibrant, and gone much too soon.

Many times in life, we can get weighed down by all that’s going wrong. When I tell you life has not been easy since FBD has been disabled…it’s basically as if my whole life and career has been upended. Bills are late, rent is due, staff quitting left and right…but what keeps me upbeat is having GOD’s grace wake me up everyday in good health…and having his grace bless those I love and cherish.

Experiencing death puts life into perspective. We are alive, so let’s live! Show up and show out–tomorrow is not promised.
Love & Light,

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