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I Was Featured in the New York Times and In Style By Shopping My Closet: Wearing Sergio Hudson for New York Fashion Week

The other day, I was excited to be featured in the New York Times and In Style for my #NYFW look: A blue Sergio Hudson crop top, pant, and coat combo that I accented with a Marilyn Monroe inspired platinum hairstyle.

For Fashion Weeks in the past, I’ve planned out my outfits for weeks in advance and invested thousands of dollars into my looks. I also always travel with at least one (sometimes two) of my own photographers. This season things are in such a flux that I didn’t really plan for Fashion Week, and spending money on clothes or extra staff is simply not a priority. I shopped my closet or wore items designers sent my way, and was lucky enough to have two photographers snap my look for me.
How curious that the one time I didn’t ‘try so hard,’ I got my first street style features in magazines and papers with millions of subscribers?

This is also the first time in a long time I’ve just focused on ‘doing me.’ As FBD finds its footing, I’ve been forced to throw more energy behind my personal brand. Perhaps these two nods were a quick sign from GOD that I’m on the right track?
I hope so…
Love & Light,

*Stay tuned for a recap of my top 5 most bomb NYFW moments!

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