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The End of My Love Affair with the Leather Spa: Jim’s Shoe Repair is the Best in New York City

The Leather Spa is a New York City institution. Scores of well heeled fashionistas go there to resole their Christian Louboutin stilettos, rescue stained bags, and resuscitate their shoes. I was one of those Leather Spa Lovers until today.

I was blessed by the good Lord with a pair of calves that cut a cute form in summer dresses! But when it comes to winter boots, they don’t fit in–literally. I have been using The Leather Spa for years to put elastic inserts into my boots so that I can fit them over my Amazonian legs.

Though they can be pricey, where else would you entrust your designer heels when you need them done just so? Back in 2017, they charged me $218 to put an elastic piece into the red Givenchy Sharktooth boots below:

I was expecting about the same price when I brought in my Tori Soudan boots this August. They quoted me $260, which was more than what I was used to paying, but I made peace with it. With the new price in mind and and no real rush (it was still 70+ degrees in NYC), I decided to wait until I ‘needed’ the boots before going back to get them altered.

I went in today, telling them I had been there before, and that they quoted me $260. They countered that they should have quoted me $300, but that the new price was $400. When I asked why the significant increase in price within 6-8 weeks of my initial visit, the manager (?) told me that business was bad and they needed more money. What does that have to do with the process of putting elastic in my boots?

I get it, it’s a pandemic and business is bad. But wouldn’t you want to retain customers vs. drive them away? Wouldn’t you rather have $260 now vs $0 forever? And where have you ever seen a business INCREASE the price unceremoniously by such a large amount within weeks of quoting you the first price? I walked out, wished them well, and headed to Jim’s Shoe Repair aka the Shoe Concierge located at 50 E 59th St, New York, NY 10022 ( a few blocks + avenues away from the Leather Spa).

While Jim’s is not as fancy as the Leather Spa, they were kind and courteous. They acted like they wanted and appreciated my business. And they charged me $180 to do the same job. Jury’s still out on if they will deliver the same level of craftsmanship as the Leather Spa. Keep it locked here for updates!

Businesses, it’s all about making customers happy! And treating someone who has brought you repeated business over the course of years like TRASH is not the wave, Leather Spa. Shame on you.*

Rant, over. Where do you get your shoes repaired in New York City?

Love & Light,

*In some ways, I feel like they were testing my intelligence? Did they not want me to shop there? It really bothered my soul. The issue for me was not paying $400. I can pay it. It’s the price increase for no reason other than you explicitly stating that you want more money. Like you are brazenly trying to steal from me. I literally have NEVER! And as a result, I will never go back to the Leather Spa.

**I had to go back to Jim’s a few times, but voila the final result:

Pretty good, no?

The thing about me: I’ma get it done, regardless.

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