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My Experience Voting Early in NYC: Long Lines, 2 Hour Wait, Cold Winds & Rain

Today, I proudly voted early in the 2020 Presidential Election!

With Covid social distancing measures and the election fast approaching, I didn’t want to risk a seriously long wait time on November 3rd, so went today. My local polling station opened at 7am. I was thinking no-one would show up on a Monday at 7am, so I got there at 8am. Big Mistake! The line wrapped around the building twice and down the street.

While I checked the weather, Mr. Weatherman did not say anything about rain!! And at 52 degrees, I thought a festive long sleeve top from On and Off the Runway would be sufficient. Boy, was I wrong. Thankfully I brought an umbrella, but I was freezing! It was raining. Thus, I was shivering in line for two hours.

Good news is that the line seemed to move pretty quickly, and once inside, the process was quick and seamless.

If you’re in NYC, if and when you go: Bring layers. Heck, even a blanket. Wear flats. I saw several people with chairs.

Bring some entertainment. I saw people with books and newspapers. I obviously caught up on Real Housewives of Potomac and some of my favorite Youtube shows! Try to go early, but be prepared for a wait.

Though it feels a bit like a hassle, there is nothing more exhilarating than filling in those bubbles on the ballot!

It’s important. Our ancestors fought for this. And the only way to enact change is to participate.

Vote, vote, vote!

It’s your right.

Learn more about voting in your state at Vote.org.

How was voting in your neck of the woods?

Love & Light,

*To vote, I wore a Henry Masks Face Mask, a snazzy sweatshirt from On and Off the Runway, Lala Anthony Collection Jeans, a YSL bag, and Balenciaga boots. I was going for ‘patriotic.’ Everything but my boots and crossbody are #BlackOwned. My tote is from WalkerWear.

** It really doesn’t matter what you wear, just stay warm and dry. The deadline for early voting is November 1st.

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