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My January 2014 Lust List: Acne’s Romantic Sweatshirt, Saint Laurent Two Toned Boots, and Hermes Clic Clac Bracelets

So, looks like I missed my December Lust List.
At any rate, as I plan to add even more posts to this site, I’m going to try to remember to at least have ONE regular feature. The lust list will be it! Adding it to my calendar!
For this month, I still want everything that was on my list in November (I actually bought the Sam Olive Green Parka, but that’s about all I knocked out).
At any rate, I spoke to my accountant today (we all need one!), and we had a hard talk about budgeting. I know, I know! So moving forward, I’m going to invest in less printed items and go for more classic pieces in black and white. Gotta be able to mix and match and have separates that can withstand the seasons!
january 2014 lust list
A few great buys that you will definitely see me wearing come Fashion Week (next month!): Acne’s Romantic Sweatshirt, Saint Laurent Two Toned Booties, Hermès Clic Clacs, and much more:

I’m thinking the Romantic sweatshirt will be cute for V-Day, no? I’m on it.
And my accountant will be pleased: most of the items above are on sale!
At any rate, what’s on your lust list this month?

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