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The Bomb Life Where to Go In Paris Guide: Hotel Costes

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Estelle Domlan aka @TheGlamstel, the head of PR for Benefit Cosmetics and a Fashion Bomb Daily reader! After chatting, she was gracious enough to invite me to a decadent lunch at Hotel Costes, one of the most luxurious hotels and lunch locations in Paris.

Hotel Costes is the place with the best people watching–you’re sure to spot a celeb, industry insider, or monied socialite indulging in the fine dining. Though getting a reservation can be difficult, if you can get in, go forth and be fabulous! I ordered the Spicy Lobster Pasta and a Cucumber Martini!

Prices match the locale: Expect 22 Euro drinks and 50 Euro meals.

I was hungry a few hours later (!), but it was worth every penny. It was fabulous, fly, and definitely Bomb Life Approved!

Hotel Costes is located at 239-241 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris. Paris Fashion Week might be a tough time to get a reservation, but try any other time for delicious food and premium people watching.

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