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The Bomb Life: I’m Verified! + Try on Nice Things & Open Your Mind to Having More in a Kaoz by Brandon McDaniel Kimono

This morning I woke up to a nice little surprise. A blue check by my name!

Being verified just means that you’re legit and on the right track (I guess!). Next up, Fashion Bomb Daily!

At any rate, yesterday I was graciously invited to the Saks Fur Salon to try on a few furs.

I’ve been into furs for quite some time (I mean there’s no better way to stay warm in frigid NYC temps)! In the past, I’ve worn mostly vintage furs, but yesterday was the first time I tried on coats by Fendi, Valentino, Rindi, and Giambattista Valli, made out of sable, fox, and even chinchilla*.

When I tell you they are luxury personified…! The chinchilla coat (which rings in at $84,000) felt like a cloud from heaven.

I probably would have never tried on such pricey pieces in the past. But when you stare at yourself in the mirror with a piece like that on, you look and start to feel like royalty. When you look good, you feel good, when you look like who you want to be, you become that.
Fashion is given a bad rap because, let’s face it: it’s a highly superficial industry. But clothing affects how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive you.

Similar to trying on diamonds, go ahead and try on a few splurgeworthy pieces and see if that doesn’t put some pep in your step and motivate you to reach higher and go further…
Love & Light,

Images: MrVocabTV
Kimono by Kaoz by Brandon McDaniel
*I know fur is controversial. It’s not for everybody! But I eat meat, wear leather, and love fur. No apologies.

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