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The Bomb Life 101: If You’re Early, You’re on Time; If You’re on Time, You’re Late!

So my brother is a stickler for time. I, on the other hand, am always ‘fashionably’ late. Usually what happens is…I’m writing and think I can get ready in 30 minutes when it really takes me 45…a lot of times, I’m rushing trying to FIND STUFF, or steam/iron clothes, or find my charger, I digress. I have a bad habit of being late (nothing egregious, like 15-20 minutes tops, but still).
000  claire sulmers tongoro top victoria's secret pencil skirt christian Louboutin pumps mccartney bag
Yesterday was case in point. I had a big meeting scheduled, so got my makeup done. Usually it takes an hour to get my makeup done and then it takes an hour for me to get anywhere. My makeup appointment ended up taking an hour and a half (probably because I was trying to write WHILE getting my makeup done), and I found myself running 30 minutes late. I told the woman who had arranged the meeting of my tardiness, and she wrote back, “No worries, the appointment is tomorrow.” I breathed a sigh of relief before she said, “This isn’t the type of meeting where being 30 minutes late is acceptable. So tomorrow, let’s meet up 30 minutes prior to make sure you’re there.” What a great idea.
claire sulmers tongoro top victoria's secret pencil skirt christian Louboutin pumps mccartney bag
Tardiness is a terrible habit I MUST shake. I’ve missed opportunities and planes because I failed to give myself enough time to account for traffic, trains, and other hiccups. Years ago, I was regularly invited to NPR to talk fashion. I remember this one producer (who was rooting for me) invited me on to talk about the Royal Wedding with one of my career crushes, Robin Givhan. I was late. And she never called me back again. You never know what bridges you could burn or opportunities you could miss by being late.

My brother actually sat me down and told me, “If you’re early you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.” So just like the new 5am rule, I will do my best to get to places 30 minutes early…get some coffee…and walk leisurely to the meeting. If you’re chronically late, become chronically early. Easier said that done, but enough is enough!

Do you have any tips and tricks for being on time?
Love + Light

*It is 9:09, and I need to leave at 9:30 to make it to the city by 10:30 for an 11am appointment. Let me get on it (I always write in the backseat of a car anyway)!
**I’m wearing Christian Louboutin nude pumps that hurt, a Victoria’s Secret skirt, and a shirt by Tongoro, a brand created by my homegirl Sarah Diouf!

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