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The Bomb Life 101: 5 Ways to Pose to Hide Your Belly and Love Handles + What I Wore to Women & Wine Weekend, The Paris Laundry Pop Up, and J. Renee’s Boutique BossCamp!

Happy Friday, folks!

I was *this close* to giving you one of my typical life recap posts, but after looking at a lot of my pix from this past week (!) in Atlanta, where I moderated talks and hosted parties at Women and Wine Weekend, spoke at J. Renee’s Boutique Boss Bootcamp, and covered the Atlanta launch of Paris Laundry, I felt that there was a teaching moment!

I know my assets! I have great legs and great boobs, but I have a belly and love handles that REFUSE to quit (lord knows I’ve tried). While some may scream, “get some lipo!” or “embrace your rolls!” I choose to explore eye tricks that give me more of a shape.

Behold a few poses I use to conceal my not so bomb areas:

1. Both hands in front of my belly:

Veteran curvy girls on the red carpet know the “two arms in front” trick all too well. While I have my hands in front while walking, many ladies put both hands in front, kind of like they’re about to start a lecture or make a really good point. Daniel Brooks, below, does it oh so well, putting both arms down completely, or doing the pensive pose with both hands poised perfectly in front. Give one of those a try on your next outing!

Credit: Getty

2. One hand in front

This one might feel a little awkward, but is a great option to conceal lumps and bumps, particularly with group photos. While I love this Muehleder dress, it reveals EVERYTHING. Because of the neoprene fabric, every line is exposed, so you can’t wear any shape wear underneath, not even underwear (TMI? perhaps!)! So I was left on my own. The one arm in front works was my savior for group shots where you can’t put both hands in front. One hand leaves your other arm free to wrap around someone else.

Note I’m the only one doing this lol

3. An Object in Front

If it’s not a hand or arm, you can put something else in front of you. I hosted a masquerade ball at Women & Wine Weekend, so my object of choice was a mask! But a clutch would do the trick as well.

4. One Hand on Your Hip

You put your hand up on your hip, then you…pose! This one is great when trying to conceal love handles. If you’d like more tummy coverage, move that hand closer in more towards your belly button.

5. Two Hands on Your Side

Placing both hands on your hip or backwards on your love handles is another great way to pose while camouflaging your mid section. I love using this one when wearing a swimsuit as well! Your eyes will be like “Love handles? Where?”

The One time I wore a bikini and Yellow Gucci Heels in the Streets of Jamaica

Lord knows I work out as much as I can, but my problem areas are pretty stubborn! If yours are, too, hopefully these tips can help.

Do you have any to add?

*These are looks I wore while in Atlanta for the past few weeks, hosting Women and Wine Weekend, Speaking at J. Renee’s Boutique Boss Camp, and attending the Atlanta launch of a brand you should know, Paris Laundry. If you’d like info on any looks leave a comment! If not, enjoy!

*Here’s a bonus tip: I wear shapewear, ok?!? Love it! If you’d like to wear shapewear, take note of the fabrics. This Fumi the Label dress was thick enough for me to wear my cinch wear underneath without it being too obvious.

If you can, steer away from items that are too tight, or pick knits, and weighty fabrics that will allow you to slip on some Spanx undetected.

What do you think?

Images: Google is Human/ Drew Visions

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