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The Bomb Life 101: The Importance of Hitting the Refresh Button

So I know I had promised a Cuba travel guide, but life got in the way…! Most of you will go to La Havana, and I provided a pretty detailed run down here. Otherwise, definitely visit CienFuegos, Trinidad, and Vinales (the beach) should you find yourself in Cuba. The cities are small enough to explore in a day or two, and you will LIVE! I’ve been in NYC for a week, and am already back into the swing of things,…

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Atlanta Style Diary: Dinner with Eudoxie and Letoya Luckett + Partying with Amber Rose at Gold Room Wearing a Black Topshop Lace Up Bodysuit and Zara Fringed Skirt

So I popped down to Atlanta for Memorial Day weekend (I’m currently en route to Cuba in a VERY small plane). Sunday night was electric and transformative, beginning with a day at the Lake, followed by dinner with Eudoxie and Letoya Luckett. Let me tell you: I was so happy to break bread and fellowship with those two ladies. They are brilliant and beautiful both inside and out. We talked about collaborating soon, so stay tuned! After dinner, I high…

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Airport Style Diary: A Robert Rodriguez Striped Blazer, Topshop Black Leather Shorts, and Stefano Maroni Striped Zebra Flats

So I’m in Atlanta, living it up for Memorial Day! I’ve tried wearing heels, thigh high boots, and all sorts of nonsense to the airport, and let me tell you. Not worth it! If your gate is far away, you’re screwed. Lace ups and thigh highs are hard to take off and put back on after going through security. AND your feet generally swell a little while in the air, so you’re just signing up for pain. I love sneakers…

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The Bomb Restaurant New York: Alta Linea at the Highline Hotel

I have a few ‘haunts’ in the city: Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn. The Modern in Midtown. And now Alta Linea in Chelsea. Some members of the Fashion Bomb crew met there yesterday, outside, to think of master plans. And drink. LOL. I loved the Peekytoe Crab (crab meat over avocado), the Chicken (served over spinach–so tasty!), and a frozen drink called the Sgroppino which is basically frozen lemonade with prosecco and mint. Bombs were going off in my mouth. They’re…

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Ask Claire: How do You Build a Team?

We’re relaunching our Ask Claire section with a query from Joslyn, who asked, “As a blogger who is still working a 9-5, I see why many bloggers have extra writers. It’s a lot to do on your own. My blog is growing and I need help keeping the content rolling in. Now that Fashion Bomb Daily is a well-oiled machine with a staff, my question is how did you prepare to bring in the extra help? For example, were there…

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The Bomb Life 101: I’m a Fashion Industry Survivor!! In a Tope FNR Sequined Camouflage Skirt

So Interview #2 went down for my potential future reality show. And while the first meeting was more a ‘getting to know you’ meeting, #2 had me speaking on camera about my journey in the fashion industry. I tend to hold back, but for this tape, I told all: about how I’ve been told NO from the beginning. No, you can’t be in the fashion department. No you can’t come to the show. No, you’re not on the list. No,…

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#ThePerfectMatch Screening Style Diary: A Ricki Brazil Gray Herringbone Cape, Sheer Topshop Button Down, BLK DNM Gold Leather Pants, and Tom Ford Pumps

Last night, I went to a screening for the Movie the Perfect Match, starring Terrence J, Cassie, Dascha Polanco, and more! For a chill movie night, I rocked an olive green button down from Topshop, BLK DNM Gold Leather Skinnies, and Tom Ford Pumps. The weather is actually quite nice in NYC! Still, I battled the chill in a Ricki Brazil Gray Herringbone Cape: The movie itself was cute and racy. I’d definitely recommend checking it out! Cassie sat right…

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Brooklyn Promenade Style Diary: A Ji Oh Sweater Dress, Topshop Olive Green Jacket, and Schutz Karlyanna Knee High Leather Heels

I did a quick little shoot for Cohen’s Fashion Optical by the Brooklyn Promenade (more to come on Fashion Bomb Daily)! After sampling their assortment of fly glasses, Pierre and I ventured by the water to shoot my #OOTD. Spring is here! I welcomed warmer temps in a Ji Oh sweater dress and Schutz Karlyanna Knee High Leather Heels. It’s still a little chilly, so I completed with a Topshop trench, and added some punch with an Elle Tarplin clutch.…

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