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The Bomb Life 101: The Importance of Hitting the Refresh Button

So I know I had promised a Cuba travel guide, but life got in the way…!
Most of you will go to La Havana, and I provided a pretty detailed run down here. Otherwise, definitely visit CienFuegos, Trinidad, and Vinales (the beach) should you find yourself in Cuba. The cities are small enough to explore in a day or two, and you will LIVE!
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I’ve been in NYC for a week, and am already back into the swing of things, running to meetings and social events. But I’ve been able to attack my to do lists with even more vigor after taking that week in Cuba to sit back and reflect.
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Cuba has very little wifi. You can find it if you search for it, but you’ll generally have a maximum of two hours of ‘connectivity’ with the digital landscape a day. So that means no phone calls, no texts, and no social media! While we live for being ‘plugged in,’ and even think our lives will implode if we don’t incessantly check our gmail, there’s a certain amount of freedom that comes with checking out, even if just for a few days.
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With zero distractions, you have more clarity to steer the course. And we often don’t give ourselves enough time to pause and just sit still with our thoughts.
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I read once upon a time that most successful people take sabbaticals to ‘get their minds right’ (read this New Yorker article on the subject). Sabbaticals can be 6 weeks, 6 months, or even 6 years! And while I yearn for a time when I can really ‘ohm’ it out for an extended period of time, you can never underestimate the power of getting away for a week or even a weekend. It’s transformative, yet short enough so that you can return to business as usual.
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After one week in Cuba (with the fam), I decided that my goal is to get away for two weeks before next fashion week. My sights are set on a Spanish speaking country so that I can learn Spanish in an immersive environment while also taking the time to appreciate nature, write in my journal, and just meditate. In Cuba, I also realized that Spanish is probably a language I should master. I already speak French, so I can understand Spanish a little, but my speaking and vocabulary are laughable!
At any rate, we are never too old to learn new things or to push ourselves to do and be better. And it’s hard to get that vision if you’re incessantly running around or constantly looking at your phone.
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What do you think? And what small things do you do to hit the ‘refresh’ button?
Images: Visuals by Pierre
*For my day in the city, I wore an MSGM jacket, Topshop sequined top, Kyna Collection pants, Tom Ford pumps, and my new BABY, my YSL cross body. I’ve wanted it for a while, and finally decided to treat myself:)

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