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Ask Claire: How do You Build a Team?

We’re relaunching our Ask Claire section with a query from Joslyn, who asked, “As a blogger who is still working a 9-5, I see why many bloggers have extra writers. It’s a lot to do on your own. My blog is growing and I need help keeping the content rolling in. Now that Fashion Bomb Daily is a well-oiled machine with a staff, my question is how did you prepare to bring in the extra help? For example, were there budgets, contracts, etc?”
Hello, Joslyn! You are right. Fashion Bomb Daily is a well oiled machine with several writers.
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We typically take on interns, who receive a stipend for 3 months work, then we bring them on to the team. We draw up independent contractor contracts, have weekly meetings, and a schedule.
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Fashion Bomb Daily wouldn’t be anything without our team. With the proliferation of red carpet events and celeb style moments, it would either be impossible or crazy to do everything alone.
I think a lot of celeb style and gossip bloggers make the mistake of not taking on help. It’s easy to be like: this is MY thing. But in order to grow, you must have the help of supportive staff that sees the bigger picture.

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Finding the right people is hard to do, but I’ve learned quite a bit about being a good boss and leader over the years. A few tips: Pay people. Offer Incentives. Show Appreciation. Treat them like you care. Listen to their goals. And ultimately in order for you to be successful, help others be successful.

I have this dream of leading a pack of well heeled women. And one of my greatest inspirations, Oprah, pushed her career forward by creating stars of the people on her staff (Iyanla, Dr. Phil, and Suze Ormon are a few people Oprah has made famous by her cosign).
Build a great staff, then hold on to them. I’m still figuring this out, but making stars of the FBD team is my goal.
Any thoughts?
Love & Light!

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