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So Much To Be Thankful For: Kicking it on the Upper East Side and Le Bilboquet With Cuppy and Kelley

Happy Thanksgiving, Bomb Lifers!
I’m currently in an Uber, getting work done as I settle in for a 2 hour ride to New Jersey! I was too busy living life to drive down with my family, and whoop here I am. I decided to dedicate the ride to updating The Bomb Life and reflecting on GOD’s many blessings.

Yesterday, I grabbed a drink with DJ Cuppy, a Nigerian entertainer whose latest single, Greenlight, recently hit 2 million views on Youtube! It was her last day in New York, and we were on the Upper East Side, so I decided to take her to French eatery Le Bilboquet. We were all running a little bit late, and Cuppy was under the weather, so we didn’t end up ordering a bunch of food for our big party. Cuppy and her crew got tea whereas my peeps ordered a mixture of appetizers and entrees.

Almost right after we placed our order, the maître d came up to our table and basically told us we had to leave because we hadn’t ordered enough food. Though there was not a line at the door, he cited several reservations waiting for the table. We could been prepping to order more at a later point, we could have had a huge restaurant bill in store, but he looked at us, made assumptions, and basically asked us to leave. I ended up leaving a 50% tip and admonishing his attitude on the receipt.

I was very close to writing something about Trump’s America, and how it doesn’t matter how fly you are, you will still be met with uncomfortable situations, but…nah. At the end of the day, we are all super blessed, and our Black Excellence probably made the waiter so nervous he simply didn’t know how to act.

So today, I am expressing thanks for all of life’s blessings. Friends old and new. Family. Creating the life of your dreams. And the freedom to move where and how you want, regardless of who likes it or not.
May your success make people nervous.
May your presence cause others to stare.
May your flyness cause flabbergast.
May all your pain be champagne.
Shine on.
Love & Light,

*I’ve been to Le Bilboquet (20 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022) before and it was fine. When you walk in there, it is highly probable you will be the only person of color dining there. You might feel eyes boring into you. Walk in with pride and order everything off the damn menu. And tell them I sent you.
**Wearing a Godspeed Jacket, Frame Jeans, Jennifer Le Boots, Gucci Shades, Hermes Belt, YSL bag.

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