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Smile Through the Storm: You Are Being Tested So You Can Testify

Is it just me, or has 2018 been pretty challenging thus far?!?
I closed out 2017 so full of hope for a brighter tomorrow, but as soon as January 1st hit, everything seemed to tumble downhill.

From me putting FashionBombDaily.com on hiatus to sad situations and family woes, I feel like every day, 2018 has been giving me a swift gut punch and is not letting up.

Whenever things go hilariously left, of course I pray, but I also know that GOD must be testing my Faith. And the worse it gets, I know it is prepping me for an even greater triumph. I am being tested so that I can testify and let you know from personal experience that there is a rainbow at the end of all this rain.

Social media is a funny place. Would you ever know there is a bit of controlled chaos going on behind my red lipped smile? Never! It’s because I refuse to accept my temporary situation as a permanent reality. All throughout my life, whenever I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I reached a low point and then suddenly got better. The most embarrassing instances in my life–sleeping on a tub in Paris, for example–became one of the greatest stories of my life.

As an entrepreneur, you will fail to plan or take a risk that doesn’t pan out. Just take your lumps, learn your lessons, and keep going, as Will Smith offered in the video below:

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If you ever feel down, know that I’m with you. We all have low moments in life. But a stumble is only temporary. Just get back up and keep going! Stay positive and encouraged, and always think: I will not lose…

Love & Light,

*For my last two days in LA, I wore a Sergio Hudson top and pants and a Givenchy red Bambi sweater and boots.
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