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My Spring 2018 Lust List: A Rolex DateJust Watch, Gucci Logo Swimsuit, and a Balmain Blazer

It’s been a while since I’ve done my lust lists!
I stopped because I noticed some readers (hey y’all!) would buy an outfit right from under my nose before I was ready to splurge! And the list seemed indulgent and slightly narcissistic (but what isn’t slightly narcissistic these days?). At any rate, this month I decided to create one anew because I realized that whatever I write down or visualize eventually becomes mine. So without further ado, a few high priced items I must have this Spring:

I am a Balmain fanatic, so it’s only right I add a white blazer to my arsenal as the temperature warms up! Also, one can’t help but hop on the Gucci train. I love their new white logo swimsuit and think it could be used as both a bodysuit and a swimsuit! Their logo fanny pack has been a favorite of mine since Carrie wore one on Sex and the City, and a Rolex DateJuste is a must have for any boss on the go:
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I’ve also been feeling Versace lately, particularly their Tribute collection. Brands are collectively agreeing that whatever worked back in the day, will work again (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, hence the resurgence of the signature monograms and prints!). Trust and believe, I will get my hands on a signature Versace printed shirt and skirt combo before the end of the Summer:

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Stay tuned for my outfit posts to see how well visualization actually works.
Now, go ahead and create your own lust list!
What’s on your wish list this season?
Love & Light,

If you don’t believe me, I created this lust list in 2015. It takes some time, but I now have most of the items on it.

Visualization is real. Try it!

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