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My Spring 2018 Lust List: A Rolex DateJust Watch, Gucci Logo Swimsuit, and a Balmain Blazer

It’s been a while since I’ve done my lust lists! I stopped because I noticed some readers (hey y’all!) would buy an outfit right from under my nose before I was ready to splurge! And the list seemed indulgent and slightly narcissistic (but what isn’t slightly narcissistic these days?). At any rate, this month I decided to create one anew because I realized that whatever I write down or visualize eventually becomes mine. So without further ado, a few high…

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Visualization Is Real: Behold My Spring 2017 Lust List

I couldn’t sleep last night (pre party jitters?) so decided to read The Bomb Life! I was clicking around and my heart literally jumped when I looked at this lust list collage from October 2015 and realized I had acquired 3 of the big ticket items pictured. Yes, my goal is life is to get a Balmain jacket in every color. I have black (and have worn it into the ground, let’s be honest), and copped a denim one for…

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Fall 2016 Lust List: Givenchy, Balmain, Jennifer Le, and More!

As the season’s change, I can’t help but think of new Bomb items I’d like to add to my ever growing wardrobe. I’ve run my poor Givenchy Nightingale into the ground, and it’s time I invest in a new tote! Because Givenchy has served me very well for so long, I’m going to go ahead and splurge on a new bag, particularly their Medium Antigona in black. I’ve been eyeing the brand’s shark lock wedge boots for years, and they’ve…

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Fall 2015 Lust List: A Balmain Gold Button Blazer, Isabel Marant Black and Suede Button Arnie Boots, and Prada Eyeglasses

Hey Guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done a lust list, but as the temperature changes, I have my eye on a few things. I’m no longer into buying smaller items–if you’ve seen my closet I have more than enough! This season is about saving, focusing on building my business, and investing in key items that can last me all winter and beyond! Which brings me to my lust list: Balmain blazers make my mouth water, and having one…

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December 2014 Lust List: A Rick Owens Gray Hi Lo Dress, Isabel Marant Garrison Dress, and Jimmy Choo Anouk Silver Pumps

Life is mostly unfair when it comes to fashion. For me, I obviously have a love for it, but these dern things don’t come in my size!!! So this list is truly a wish list–even if I would splurge on anything below, it’s generally unavailable: Such is the case for the Isabel Marant Garrison dress I’ve been eyeing. I’d be a size 44, but it’s sold out nationwide. The same thing happened last month with the Versace gown I wanted…and…

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