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Style Diary: Wearing a Balmain Blazer, Rayar Jeans, and Tom Ford Python Padlock Heels to Speak at BET/Centric’s The Round

So earlier this week, I was tapped by the producers of Centric TV’s the Round to tell my story on how I Broke into the Fashion industry.
Breaking in wasn’t easy! I got my first fashion magazine internship at Paris Vogue, and as I said in my talk, I was tres tres poor.
I was on the street style beat for Vogue, which meant meandering through the streets, taking pictures of stylish passersby. Because it required a good amount of walking, I wanted to do my rounds in a pair of comfortable yet stylish sneakers. I remember telling one of my co-workers of my desire to get a pair of Comme des Garçons x Converse sneakers that cost about $100 at the time. My coworker breezily said, “If you want it, go and get it.” But I couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t afford anything!
A few years later, Fashion Bomb Daily became profitable and I was finally able to buy some of the things I drooled over in magazines. I chose this particular outfit to show that even though I was tres poor at one point in my career, I was still able to thrive.
When I was an intern making 500 Euros per month, wearing anything by Balmain, Chanel, or Tom Ford simply wasn’t possible (as the French love to say, c’est pas possible!).
But with patience, passion, persistence, and prayer (!), you can have all you want and more.
Even if you’re in a tough spot or you’re not able to make ends meet, trust that those situations are only temporary. When I was an intern, it felt like I was going to be eating $2 crepes with jambon and fromage for the rest of my life! But if you stay focused on getting better and better each day, you will get there–eventually.
Love + Light,
*For my talk, I went for my interpretation of Parisian chic in a Balmain blazer I scored at Net-a-Porter, a Haute Hippie Gold top, and Rayar Jeans chain distressed jeans. I accessorized with Tom Ford Python Heels (also from NAP, I used the APP10 10% discount code via their App!), Chanel Earrings, and a Chanel Bag.

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