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If You Want to Make Money, Wear A Suit! The Gospel According to Rupaul + 10 Times I’ve Worn a Suit

A few weeks ago, I came under (light) fire for agreeing with Monique about black women wearing bonnets in the airport. I personally felt that we could do better in terms of representing ourselves outwardly–to command respect! I didn’t take the time to read many comments (though I think someone called me self loathing!), but it’s crazy how you can say one little thing that doesn’t go along with the crowd and get attacked for it!

At any rate, perhaps I didn’t express myself the best, however a clip I recently ran across from Rupaul summarizes my thoughts aptly. “If you want to make money, wear a suit”:

He goes on to say, “Put yourself together. People respond to it. It has nothing to do with you. It has to do with the narrative that’s already implanted in people’s consciousness. You don’t want to swim upstream. You want to work with what people already know. You can use that tool to get what you want out of this life.”

It’s not about race, it’s not about appeasing ‘others,’ it’s moreso about navigating in the world in a way that communicates pride and commands respect.

When you mean business, when you’re a boss, you dress accordingly. Of course I don’t wear a suit every day, but for important meetings, I wear a suit.

What I do is what I do, and how I do is how I do. I think most of you know by now that I am not the LEAST BIT JUDGMENTAL. I don’t look down at anyone, and am all about freedom of expression. That said, I want us all to be successful and dress for success. How you do that is fiercely personal.

Someone in finance or who works at a hedge fund might think my choices of suits are too bright, too patterned, or have too many details.

But here’s how I dress to make money, haha.

How about you?

Wishing nothing but blessings and abundance to you. I love us, for real!

Love & Light,

Images: Sone Jr

*Just for fun, check out some of my other suits. I love this brand called BBX out of London. They literally have the same suit silhouette in every color, and I have it in purple, peach, yellow, prints…the options are endless. They’re great for fashionistas who need to look professional for various occasions. Check em out below + some of my other suit looks.

**Suits don’t have to be boring. You also don’t have to be naked! But you can show a little skin; cleavage, legs, or a midriff. Being naked is not the only way too be ‘sexy,’ haha.

***Most of the suits above are by Black Female Designers, including Hanifa, Oyemwen, and Zamar Lewis.

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