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I Cut my Hair with The Official Razor Chic! What You Should Know about Wig and Weave Wear (Let Your Scalp Breathe)

Happy Sunday, folks!

So last week Monday, just as I was leaving for the airport to fly from Atlanta back to New York, I scheduled an appointment with hair legend, the Official Razor Chic.

Razor Chic aka Jasmine Collins is known for her artistic haircuts that disguise thinning edges due to excessive wig or weave wear, alopecia, and so much more. Y’all know I love a good unit, and I was noticing that my edges were getting thinner and thinner. So, to Jasmine I went!

While I was in her chair, I learned that wigs and weaves were originally intended to wear for 2-3 days max–Not for 6 weeks as is sometimes the case when I get my sew ins, and not for a full week, as I do with many of my wigs. Jasmine likened hair to a plant: it needs oxygen and nutrients to thrive.

Especially during the summer, as I work out, sweat, and get hot, I wanted a cute style that would let my scalp breathe while I went for my weekly jogs. So I cut it all off.

While my dream cut is a blonde pixie (stay tuned), I was always afraid that my head was too big or that my round face needed bundles to frame it. Boy was I wrong! So far, many people have expressed that I should stick with this. And with the ease of maintenance, and my ability to work out as much as I want to, I just might hang on to this for a minute.

For my fellow wig devotees, wear your units with pride, but, if you can, try not to use excessive glue. Only wear them for 2-3 days. Let your scalp breathe at least once or twice a week. Get treatments or see a natural hair stylist who can make sure your hair is nourished under there. This is, of course, only if you want your real hair to flourish and if you want to still have hair and edges in your elder years.

As for me, I will still be sneaking the occasional wig in there, but now I can’t wait to try different short styles. Colors, swoops, bangs, oh my! That Blonde pixie is calling my name honey!

And if you ever wanted to switch it up, just go for it! Before I went to see Razor Chic, I reasoned that if I hated it, I could always cover it with a wig (lol). It’s true! Make a change. You never know, you just might love the outcome. I know I do.

Love & Light,

To get my hair cut, I wore a blinged out tracksuit from Pure Atlanta. Yesterday, I had brunch at Bergdorf Goodman (which is fabulous!) wearing a dress by Souk and Sepia, Jessica Rich shoes, and Seville Michelle earrings available on FashionBombDailyShop.com.

*You might wonder about pricing. My haircut with Razor Chic was expensive (you can check her pricing here), but worth every penny and I would do it again! I was in there for 5 hours as Jasmine cut, colored, and conditioned my hair. She is the truth! That said, maintaining natural hair is cheaper by about 50%. I found a bomb hairstylist in Brooklyn called Nik Sadio who gave me some waves for my brunch meeting.

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