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If You Want to be Successful, You Have to Do the Work: 5 Bomb Life Tips for Success

Happy Monday, Bombers and Bombshells!
Millennials get a bad wrap! This I know. But I’ve worked with many as of late who are super talented and want to be successful, but are unaware of a few key necessities they must have to level up. Success doesn’t happen overnight–it is the culmination of small acts and good traits developed over the years.
The goal for anyone looking to make their way in any industry: to not just get one check, but several checks. To be entrusted with small tasks before getting bigger tasks. And to ultimately distinguish yourself from your peers.
Read on for my thoughts:
1. You have to show up.

Showing up in business is the most obvious yet misunderstood trait you must have. Things happen because of conscious coordination, and successful people stick to a schedule. If one key component doesn’t show up, the whole project might be sabotaged. So step 1: make sure you show up. And show up EARLY. Not just on time, and definitely not late! Sound opaque? Here’s a real life example: If a magazine is doing a photo shoot, they need a photographer, model, hair, makeup, and stylist. If the photographer doesn’t show up, the shoot won’t happen. Don’t be the person who doesn’t show up. You get one time, two times MAX to not show up before you’re never hired again.

2. Don’t call out sick

For better or for worse, my mom never let me miss a day of school. While some of my friends were able to ‘stay home sick,’ I never got that luxury. Even if I was feeling a bit under the weather, my mom put me on that bus, and to school I went. Of course she would make an exception for anything extremely serious or contagious, but I guess I was a pretty healthy child and I’m a pretty healthy adult. Health ’emergencies’ are rare for most, so unless you really are sick or have a condition you disclose up front, don’t use the ‘I’m sick’ excuse if you can help it. One time, yes. Several times, and people will give you the side eye. Too many times and you won’t get a call back. Avoid getting sick by doing the basics: take vitamins, drink water, get sleep, cover up, and be good to yourself.
I notoriously attended one CWC Houston with a cough.

I felt terrible, but I took some cough drops, kept some Kleenex in my pocket, and smiled for every single selfie. When someone has booked you to appear somewhere, they don’t want to hear that you’re sick. So take care of yourself. And show up!

3. Ask for What You Want Up Front

When I was young, I worked for free or low wages. I was passionate about getting experience, so I was willing to work at no cost. Once I had accumulated a significant amount of expertise, I started to ask for what I was worth. But not a minute before that. A lot of young people accept low payment or no payment but then resent the job. In order to avoid resentment, ask for what you want up front. Be clear about it. Then get to work!

4. Be Flexible With Your Rate: Money is Money

You can have a set rate, but also be willing to accept a little less if you see the potential to grow in the future. I’ll never forget the tale of a young creative I worked with, who introduced herself by telling me that she was once homeless, but she was now on her feet and willing to work. I was excited, and proceeded to book her several times. But more than once, she told me that she couldn’t make an engagement. It confused me: wouldn’t someone who was once homeless be willing to work and let the payments add up? Guess not. As I wrote in my book, The Bomb Life, I once slept on a tub and don’t plan on ever returning there! So I WORK. And if there is money involved, I’m definitely showing up! But even if there is no money involved, I can make exceptions.

I’ll make an exception if: the event could lead to future business. If I honor and respect the people who invited me and support their vision. If I genuinely like and want to be apart of something. There is more to life than money and many times, your network is priceless. We all need to get paid, yes, but know when an opportunity might be worth your time.

5. Put Yourself Out There

Some people don’t know that I offer promos, ambassadorships, and consultations! Some people don’t know that I can give keynotes, moderate discussions or speak on panels! Some might not be aware that we have an E Commerce store! You know how you might be watching a Football Game, and you see 10 advertisements for pizza? Until your mouth is watering for a slice of pepperoni? Right. You have to put yourself out there–a lot–a remind people what you have to offer. Is it uncomfortable? You betcha. Would you rather not? Perhaps! But just like that pizza commercial, you have to let the world know what you have in your quiver. Do you think Papa Johns cares that people might be annoyed by their commercial? They don’t. They only care about the 10% of people who call up their store and order. And so should you.

6. Go Over and Above

Most do the bare minimum. Be the person who does more than what is asked for. Supposed to do 1 thing? Do 5. Supposed to provide one report? Provide 2. In my life, whether it’s applying for college and submitting two essays vs. one, or offering multiple services vs. just staying one note, go over and above! And be down for anything.

But these tips are only for those who REALLY want it.
My two cents.
Do you have anything to add?
Love & Light,

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