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How to Book the Gig: 5 Tips for Creative Service Providers (Makeup Artists, Hairstylists, Photographers): Answer Your DM’s, Charge Market Rates, Be Flexible, and More!


So I travel frequently, and sadly, don’t always fly with my core team of preferred makeup artists, hairstylists, and photographers to capture the moment and make sure I look fly while doing so (though flying my team is definitely #goals)!

So when I travel, I solicit help from local talent! Through my various experiences, I now have five tips for those in the creative field who want to be competitive i.e. book the gig:

  1. Answer your DMs

There is gold in your DMs! Do not neglect them. Those people who answer quickly (and sometimes first) will get the opportunity before others. People are busy! They just want to book someone. And in many instances the early bird gets the worm.

2. Don’t charge more than market rate

People who reach out to you are savvy and know the standard rate for services. Take makeup, for example: I have had my makeup done by artists from New York to Paris to Lagos. I know the minimum and maximum it is reasonable to charge someone for a full beat! Just because you see someone with a blue check doesn’t mean you should try to stick it to them and charge double or triple. It’s unethical, uncool, and in my case, you will get passed over for the person who charges a normal rate or (even better) is willing to barter a little in exchange for exposure.

3. Be Flexible

Again, people are busy. We know you can be busy as well. But it’s easier to just remain open and fluid to whatever may come your way. The person who is more available will get booked, so whether or not you want to stay booked is really up to you. Also, do not pepper busy people with loads of questions via text. Don’t call me, I’ll call you!

4. Do a good job

You might think that because a person is in town just for the weekend, you can do whatever you like and never see them again. But alas! Executives, influencers, and everyone in between always ask for recommendations for makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, and videographers in various cities. Want to secure future business? Be a professional. Do a good job and more greatness will flow to you.

5. Be cool, polite and read the room; know how to act in all situations.

Sometimes people are talkative. Sometimes they’re not. Read the signs. Stay focused and don’t overstep.

That does it!

What do you think?

My Yellow and Black Dress is by Lee Monet. My black tee is by JoliexNoire Apparel.

Photos by some of my go to photographers: @VizualApe & @NykiElle. @MakeupbyLatisha. Hair by @TB_Hairstylist @Cherie_Amor and more.

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