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Did you See me as a Bartender on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live? Your Biggest Comeback Comes After Your Greatest Setback (If You’re Feeling Down, Read This)

Happy Monday!

Last night, I appeared on one of my favorite shows, Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, as a bartender!

Normally bartenders literally just stand there and smile (you know I did my research!), but I was able to chat a little bit during the actual show and the after show, which you can check out below:

Thank GOD I didn’t look like what I had just been though. Last week was one of the hardest in my career. I won’t dive into the details, but I’ll just say that I dealt with a cyber bullying situation that was so severe, it led me to file a police report. It was hands down one of the craziest situations I’ve ever dealt with IN MY LIFE. By the grace of GOD, the matter was settled in a few days, but it rings true that right before a big breakthrough, you sometimes experience a great setback.

Image: Charles Sykes for Bravo

All the clich√© phrases rang true as I was dealing with that situation: New Level, New Devil. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. ALL OF THAT. But on Easter Sunday, goodness prevailed, and I was on TV, promoting emerging designers from Fashion Bomb Daily Shop on National TV (I was wearing an Oyemwen Back to Business Suit that showed during our last NYFW show; Karen Huger, who has a new Special, was wearing a Balmain dress and SybgCo Shoes from the Shop)!

Image: @Sonejr

It literally was a spiritual battle. I stayed positive and in prayer, and the good Lord came through (won’t he do it?!?).

I don’t want to get toooooo spiritual on you (as if I haven’t already), but I want to let you know that you have an assignment and a calling on your life. Your only mission while here is to complete the assignment. Along the way, you will encounter negative people, places, or things that will try to steer you off course. Stay focused and stay faithful. We’re humans and we make mistakes. Give yourself and others grace, correct for it, and keep going.

Also, know that there are angels, as well, to help guide you along your path. Be grateful for them. Keep striving. Keep going.

Some of my Haitian Angels

I said hey to Garcelle Beauvais at the Studio, and she told me just that (to keep going), so I will pass it onto you. Whatever happens, just KEEP GOING!!

And if things are going really bad, stay encouraged. Maybe even laugh a little. And know that something really good must be on the way!

We’re just getting started…

Love & Light,

Images: Salvatore Demaio/ Charles Sykes

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